Curious Author Killer Gets Life

Justice has been served!

Vincent Puglisi has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in 2006 murder of Curious George author Alan Shalleck. Shalleck apparently met Puglisi and his then-boyfriend Rex Ditto on a homo hook-up site, but the dastardly duo had other plans.

And when we say “plans,” we mean “sick shit:”

Shalleck’s body was found in February 2006 covered with garbage bags on the driveway of his mobile home in a Boynton Beach trailer park.

An autopsy found that the 76 year old had been stabbed to death. There were more than 30 stab wound to the body and he had been struck more than 80 times with a blunt instrument.

Prosecutors originally sought the death penalty, but cut a deal with Puglisi and Ditto, who is also serving a life sentence. And, in our opinion, life in prison’s a fate far worse than state-supported death.