‘Curious’ Author Sought Sex, Found Murder

New details have emerged in the 2006 murder of Curious George author Alan Shalleck.

Shalleck thought he and two men would have a ménage à trois, but his tricks had other, far more bloody plans…

Alleged killer Vincent Puglisi‘s taped confession details how he and his lover, Rex Ditto met Shalleck through a fag rag sex ad, hatched a plot to kill him and then choked, suffocated and stabbed the beloved 76-year old author.

[Judge] Garrison heard the gruesome details of what allegedly took place on Super Bowl Sunday 2006.

Hours earlier, Puglisi, 55, and his 31-year-old lover Ditto hatched the murderous plot, according to Puglisi’s confession. Ditto planned to strangle Shalleck, and if that didn’t work, he had alternate methods.

When the men arrived at Shalleck’s home, Puglisi said, the three watched television before Ditto and Shalleck went into the bedroom. Puglisi went into the bedroom later.

Ditto then “freaked out” and began choking Shalleck before grabbing a paddle and beating Shalleck, according to Puglisi, who grabbed a pillow to cover Shalleck’s face and hold him down. Ditto retrieved a knife from the kitchen, he said, “and stabbed him close to 100 times, until the knife broke.”

Ditto got another piece of cutlery, this time a steak knife, and stabbed Shalleck some more until that one broke as well. The next time Ditto went for a butcher knife, according to Puglisi.

The men used plastic garbage bags to cover the body, which Ditto wanted to feed to alligators, but it was too heavy so they left it outside [Shalleck’s] mobile home…

Puglisi and his lawyers claim police forced his confession and neglected to read him his Miranda Rights, thus his remarks should not be considered evidence. Puglisi also claims he only went along with the plot to please Ditto, with whom he was “in love”.

It’s no excuse, but I was with Rex and went along with his plan because I cared about him. I’m sorry I met Rex. I didn’t know he was a sick puppy, but now I do.

Honey, we know love’s tough, but ain’t no amount of love big enough to justify brutally taking another’s life. Three different utensils were broken while someone stabbed Shalleck’s dead body – that’s some sick, disgraceful shit.