Love thy neighbor

Cursing woman caught on camera destroying neighbor’s ‘love is love’ and BLM sign

(Image: Twitter)

A Colorado woman has apologized after being caught on camera destroying a neighbor’s yard sign promoting love and equality.

The incident happened on Saturday (9/11) in Sheridan, Denver. The neighbors concerned had a sign attached to their door which read:

We believe
Black Lives Matter
No human is illegal
Love is Love
Women’s rights are human rights
Science is real
Water is life
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

They also happened to have a Ring doorbell camera, according to Denver Channel.

The neighbors said they’d had the sign up for over a year and had had no encounters with the local woman previous to this.

The camera clearly catches her going on a rampage: ripping up the sign, yelling obscenities, and appearing to strike at the camera.

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The neighbors were not home at the time. The two women, who do not wish to be identified out of concerns for their safety, said in a statement, “We are saddened that our home was attacked on a day in which we remember the lives lost of so many innocent Americans.

“This was a violation of our personal property and space. Everyone has the right to live in their home without fear of it being attacked, despite their political or social identities. We would like this community to be one of acceptance, mutual respect and kindness towards our neighbors, regardless of our differences.”

They have taped their sign back together and put it up again, but this time behind glass.

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Sheridan police named the culprit as Krystal Barczak. She has been cited for criminal mischief.

Contacted by Denver7, Barczak said in a statement, “I am extremely ashamed of my behavior and very sorry. I had an emotional breakdown over the remembrance of 9/11,” adding this was no excuse for her behavior.