Buchanan and Flanders Pop In, Too!

Curtis’ Gay Love Up On ‘Dan Abrams’

MSNBC’s Dan Abrams hosted Richard Curtis‘ boy toy Cody Castagna last night. Watch as the 26-year old strings together some words and sortof explains the scandalous sex scandal. Abrams rapidly moves on to Castagna’s well-placed lawyer, who blames the “escalation” on Curtis’ extortion lie.

After the boys are swept aside, Pat Buchanan to defend the Republican party’s good, not-gay name…

Via MSNBC’s exciting transcript:

I don‘t think hypocrisy is involved. I don‘t know all the details other than what we heard. But, quite clearly, if this state legislature resigned out of shame and gave up his office, what he is saying is I have engaged in shameful misconduct and that‘s consistent with the way he’s voted. So, I don‘t see the hypocrisy. I think he did do the right thing in resigning. But look, there must be 10 to 20,000 state legislators and 2 to 3 percent of society is homosexual, it is higher in politics and journalism, I will say that so you have got 600 or so of these guys.

Air America’s Laura Flanders disagrees. And, what’s more, Curtis’ anti-gay voting record should start sounding alarms:

I want every Conservative Republican out there to think about it the next time that you feel inclined to cast a vote against fairness, against equality, we will all know that you like sex with men and you’re chicken and it‘s the being chicken part that disqualifies you for office and should.

Well, hopefully chicken Curtis can work out his kinks and make some good out of this – we’d love to see an out, proud, revitalized Republican.

[Thanks to Good As You for the video!]