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‘Cut’ versus ‘Uncut”: Michael Henry weighs in on the eternal debate

Michael Henry
Michael Henry (Photo: YouTube)

YouTube comic Michael Henry’s latest video finds him exploring a topic that many gay men seem to have a strong opinion about.

Do you prefer a ‘cut’ or ‘uncut’ dick?

In the video, Henry is chatting with three friends. He reveals he’s a big fan of foreskin, while another of his friends says he has a Ph.D. in the subject.

His other two friends are unimpressed, saying they happily pass on uncut guys. One says he thinks it’s, um, “unnatural” not to be circumcised.

Henry says that although he likes men uncut, he does find that they can be over-sensitive in that area.

Circumcision is known to reduce sensitivity around the head of the penis – one of the reasons advocates suggest babies are not automatically snipped soon after birth.

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Henry also says the lack of uncut men in the US makes it alluring.

“Where I’m from, everyone was circumcised, so whenever I found one that wasn’t, it was like a delicacy.”

His friends counter that uncut dicks are “dirty”, “unclean” and “gross”. However, Mr. Ph.D. argues that a daily shower (which people probably didn’t take in olden times) negates this.

Circumcision has for decades been far more popular in the US and several other countries. As Henry points out, the rate in the US is around 76-92% of men, compared to 20% in the rest of the world. For this and more facts, check out the video below.

When it comes to circumcision, do you have a strong preference either way? And are you happy with your own circumcision status?

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