Cute Child Star-Turned-Sexy Go-Go Boy Blake McIver Gets Candid In New Interview

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 9.18.28 AMWhen former child star Blake McIver (pictured) fell into hard times, he turned to go-go dancing to make ends meet. He would regularly strip down to his underwear and show off his biceps and six pack to drunken onlookers, who happily slipped dollar bills into his g-string.

Now, McIver has taken those dollars and put them to good use. Earlier this year, the former Full House star released his first pop album, which he funded with the money he made go-go dancing.

McIver recently did an interview with Uinterview promoting his album. Here are some of the highlights:

On being a go-go dancer

I don’t regret it. I had no idea it was going to cause such a media blitz or maybe I wouldn’t have done it, I don’t know. The funny thing is, I had just fallen on some rough financial times and I had to make money quick. What started as sort of a joke among my friends when we were out like at the clubs just joking about it, about a month later I was like, ‘Well, I could actually do this.’

On the Olsen Twins

They were amazing. It was our special world, those of us that were on the show. So, you had these kids and your friends were your co-stars and then they became your friends off-screen.

On going from being a child star to being an adult

It’s a tricky process. It’s different for every kid actor. I took some time away from the business and just decided to finish high school and regular school and go to college. That was invaluable, because I think I would’ve been so burnt out if I had tried to just keep going. The business changed in the years that I was away. Literally everything changed. Social media came in and the business that I left looks completely different than what the business is now.

On coming out publicly

Well, it was funny, because I had come out like to zero fan fare two years before the media picked up on it. I put my “It Gets Better” video out on YouTube singing and telling my story and nobody cared, which was great, I mean to me that proved how far we’ve come. So, I was thrilled about that. But then as soon as the social media thing and that BuzzFeed article came out and people got a hold of it, then it was almost like I had to come out all over again two years later, so that was exhausting.

On his new album

The album is called The Time Manipulator. It’s a pop record, but it has a theme about it that sort of takes you on a musical journey through some different genres and different time periods, so that’s the little time travel element to it. It’s really the lyrical thematic journey of the album. It’s really about empowerment. It’s just about finding yourself and being true to who you are.