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  • The Gay Numbers

    I think skinny jeans make men look like they are wearing women’s pants. This maybe politically incorrect coming from a gay guy, but I like men who look like men. I was not even into the metrosexual thing. Then, since I am gay- maybe that kind of makes sense that I like men who look like men?

  • rickroberts

    I hate skinny jeans and can’t wait for them to go out of fashion. I have not once – ever – seen them flatter an ass. They can take the nicest ass and smush it down to bleh.

  • Mark

    Brendon Urie.

  • damien

    Some are better than others. For example, Zac Efron’s pants aren’t really tight at all. The Jonas Bros, on the other hand, look like they’re about to split at the seams.

    And Jon Bon Jovi? WTF?!

  • Christopher

    “I think skinny jeans make men look like they are wearing women’s pants.”

    Try telling that to the skinheads wearing bleachers.

  • Pragmatist

    Agree 100% with The Gay Numbers and RickRoberts. This is an unflattering, uncomfortable, emasculating fashion trend from hell. Die, die, die.

  • Qjersey

    they don’t even come close to how tight gay men wore their jeans in the 80s

    as a teenager I remember that “they weren’t tight enough” unless the seams left red marks on your thighs.

    My junk was grateful when looser jeans came into style.

  • Paul Raposo

    Let’s not forget that in the sixties, Mods used to soak their jeans in water and then put them on wet, so they would dry even tighter onto bodies. But I agree with the others–tight, skinny jeans are ridiculous. A very close second to Thom Browne suits. Ugh. Those things make men look like they just came from Pee Wee Herman’s garage sale.

  • Qjersey

    so the 60’s, 80’s, and the 00’s (what the hell do we call this decade)…. another 20 year cycle of fashion trends.

    but on obvious question is… when will baggy ass hip hop jeans go out of style….its goin on 15 years now, time to expire.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Fashion notwithstanding, none of them are showing enough to justify showing off. As it is the majority of the 15 were guys I wouldn’t do regardless of how they were dressed.

  • Rowen

    While some of those jeans were WAY too tight, when did fitted jeans = skinny jeans? Maybe it’s cause I grew up in a redneck state, and am used to Bubba pouring himself into a pair of Wrangler’s, but jeans can be form fitting, and sexy, without become the dreaded skinny jean.

  • TikiHead

    Tight jeans rub off leg hair — very painful. I love looser legs on pants.

    Maybe the fashionable men shown don’t have leg hair, via shaving or lack of testosterone.

  • RichardR

    @Qjersey: Totally agree with you, Q, about the whole hip-hop fashion thing. Why make an effort to look like a thug? Took an even bigger dislike when I learned that style is derived from prison garb.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Enough said. Exactly.

    I love slightly baggy skinny jeans on a guy….like Zefron..not him but his style..

  • RLS

    I hate hate HATE skinny jeans, but maybe I’m just jealous because I can’t wear them. I have thick, muscular tree-trunk legs and a generous ass, so they are nowhere near even an option for me.

  • scott

    agreed. Fitted is not the same as skinny. Skinny are almost like leggings. Fitted is just a form of tight jeans. IMO.

    Anyways, depending the peep, skinny looks cool. But I prefer fitted better.

  • ChristopherM

    You know what else these guys have in common in addition to the skinny jeans? They are all children. This is not fashion for grown-ass men.

  • Stacy

    WTH is up with Russell Brands little girl legs…LOL….

  • michael

    Like all fashions it depends on you weight, age and body type. The guys in the “Clash”
    were beyond sexy in their tight pants, so much so that Heidi Slimane took Dior Homme to astronomical success inspired by their look. Raf Simons is a genius and uses them well. Of course if your short and squatty you cannot wear them. And if you live in a climate that is wet or snowy they are a God Send because I remember just a few years back just leaving the house and coming home meant that the bottom of my
    pant legs would be soaked. And to those guys who think they are not masculine just take a look at the models on Ruskin who are so beefy and whose junk is completely
    enhanced by a pair of tight jeans.

  • ajbagz43

    the people on here who are dissing the skinny jeans are clearly old queens that can’t fit into anything under a 40 waistline. but i invite you to think back, my aging mary’s…back to the 70’s and 80’s when you were in peak shape and the cute guys in the bar actually acknowledged your presence.

    i have this incredible burden where my legs go on for miles and an ass that lasts for days (thank you, i appreciate your pity). i wear fitted jeans, not tight or “skinny” jeans. kasil’s, rocking republic, 7’s…they make jeans that fit like a glove and accentuate my assets.

    however, i must admit that the jonas brothers take it too far. i would never squeeze into jeans that tight.

    now let me leave you with a quote…

    “Well Ed, I think I look nice. And as long as I have one ass instead of two I’ll wear what I like if that’s all right with you? You might want to re-think those ties…”
    –Erin Brokovich (the film), 2000

  • sparkle obama

    i wear skinny black jeans at work sometimes and i even have stretch black jeans i wear w/ beatle boots when i go out w/ the kids.
    i *do* look nice, ed.

  • Rob Moore

    Very few people look good in skinny jeans. This was also true in the 70s and 80s when I still had a relatively stable anatomy. Basically, the only people who look good in skinny jeans also look good in spandex. So what do you think, 1 in 100,000? None of the folks in the photos make the grade. Ryan Reynolds looks as if his bowels have been strangled.

  • Tommy

    hey ur gay me too

  • Kat189

    for the person that said skinny jeans dont flatter an ass…

    honey, you haven’t seen mine in skinny jeans.

  • dave loveday

    i myself wear skinny jeans.
    skiny jeans are the best things ever and girlfriend loves them.
    they become a bit tiresome when you have to tak them off before having sex,
    apart from that i think all men should wear the skinny-ass jeans.
    so tigh that you bleed at the feet.
    soo tight that you get friction burn when taking them off,
    so tight that god himself wouldnt be able to take them off.

  • brendan donnelly

    dave dave dave,
    how mistaken you are,
    you are full of shit,
    i think skinny jeans are shit shit shitt!!!!!!!!!
    i myself wear haggard asss light ass jeans,
    and i think they are the way forward,
    so light asss that you blind people when walking past.
    to be fair though i am an old fart,
    just wwondering if any of you have seen the new MEGA DEATH song?
    its reallly goood and i suggest it to all.

  • Derek Williams

    I like skin tight jeans on men, always and when I was younger I used to wear them but then it was fashionable in the 80s. They don’t look good unless you are slim, or have a good body, but otherwise, it’s surely up to each individual how they want to dress. Some will find it attractive and others won’t – in the end people dress to attract a mate who likes how they look, so obviously they won’t be attracting some of the very negative people who have commented, and in all honesty, that is just as well.

  • Bill in PDX

    My chest is 35 waist 27 at hipbone 28 — for me skinny jeans fit perfect.
    When you are made smaller they are flattering .. I have an oft complimented ass and because these are actually my size nothing gets smooshed.. Skinny jeans look bad on a guy who is not at all skinny and trying to squeeze into something well below their size. I am also a 30 inseam on a 5′ 7″ guy so I am leggy so the thin profile of the jean is flattering….finally, I don’t look like I borrowed my big brothers clothes. I am not less of a man coz I look good in fashionable clothes….. I am built like Zac E who is someone who should wear them. Sometimes I think folks are jealous of the smaller, cuter fit guys, sometimes……

  • Gabriella

    Anyone can post a picture of a guy wearing a skinny jeans that doesn’t look good. But there are heaps of guys who actually do look hot in skinny jeans, like those here. =D

    Incidentally, I’ve just came across an online petition calling for the banning of men’s Skinny Jeans.…ed.cgi?bansj&1

    and the latest two comments were quite hilarious.

    By Katie (I guess she like a “hairy” gorilla for a boyfriend.)
    I’m a somewhat masculine woman, so I hate it when guys wear skinny jeans. I like guys who look more masculine than I am. I hate those pretty boys and prefer REAL men. Some pretty guys, especially those androgynous Asian ones makes me really jealous. lol. ^^ A real man should be big and macho, with a thick jawline and big arms and thigh (not gayish skinny), and have hair on his body, arms and legs. I wish this stupid metrosexual culture would go away soon. Guys should only be allowed to wear baggy jeans, not jeans designed for girls, unless you’re a sissy. If you’re a man, BE A MAN and obey the rules of being one. A REAL WOMAN like macho, aggressive, masculine REAL MEN. Not girly looking wussies.

    By “REAL MAN”. (This one, I suspect was posted as a tongue-in-cheek…Hilarious!)


  • Stephane

    Great post, wish there were more stores around my parts with decent skinny jeans, but at least I have the internet.

  • Eddi

    i think da jonas brothers look cute in skinny jeans! i think it is sexy and they have all cute and big butts.

  • Chameo

    Skinny only looks good on a rockstar. Fashion victims!!

  • galefan2004

    @The Gay Numbers: I think I have to agree with you here. I don’t like skinny jeans, but I don’t mind manly looking men in tight assed jeans. However, that entire list of guys wasn’t exactly a list of manly men anyways. I think once the Jonas brother’s career ends all three will come out as gay incest lovers.

  • galefan2004

    @Qjersey: I don’t think its that simple. I think the trend for the 90s and 00s has been that pretty much anything goes. There are so many different styles right now that its all about diversity not just one particular trend. I still love how a friend of mine who was pastor at a church used to wear his jeans to church with all kinds of interesting holes in them and show off his legs. It probably helps that he is about my age and used to be a track star though.

  • TANK


  • galefan2004

    @dave loveday: God himself wasn’t able to sink the Titanic either. Are you inspiring people to wear jeans so tight that they cause a flame from the friction and fabric dye and burn your legs off?

  • TANK

    skinny jeans kill fat people! More dreams shattered…

  • Jimmy97204

    I wear American Eagle low rise jeans with the flaps over the back pockets in size 0.

    In the years that I have been wearing womens jeans from the Levi 518 to the 513 & 522 etc. I have never had a negative comment from anyone and some have complimented me.

    Sometimes my panties show above the belt line, but not by choice and my womens tops generally don`t go below the belt line.

    Yes, I am a fag and am very happy with my clothing choices.

  • V

    i think skinny pants are hot. the guy has to have the right bod (i.e. very tall & thin) or else it doesn’t look good. but if they have the body for it, then by all means, show off those legs!

  • zander

    its not necessary to be tall and thin to wear skinny pants..iam 5’6 weight 70kgs…iam not skinny at all..iam dont follow a particular fashion line….iam into baggies and all kinds of other varities of jeans..nd finally i bought 2 skinny pants 4 me,a black and a white…i must tell u that i have never receieved negative comments from anybody…i do carry them off really well..specially over heels..most jonas bros..actually its all about carrying it off well…which everybody cant do…

  • M Shane

    The problem with tight jeans is that even people in good shape are all shaped differently. same thing applies to people in less than perfect shape.
    If you for instance hada cute , bouncy high riding ass, what could be more uncomfortabklle and uglifying than to have it all squished up so that your legs fit.
    IBecaiuse of rnning and soccar I have always had a n OK ass(never saw it, as it was always hidding behind me) and muscular thighs and a skinny waist. The only jeans I ever found that really fit me were the LEVI 501 “stretch to fit.”: long nonexistent now.With other jeans , if the thighs fi the waist was way to big-floppy Often the problem yet. I’d rather take my chances with bagier jeans.

    Actually those tight jeans look like some tastless broad in tights; trying to show off an unbecoming ass.

  • Lee

    So just to put my 2 cents in, I went to hollister the other day and tried on my standard 32×32 that I typically get there! No boot cut available! Yes, I’m
    40 and wearing hollister-not because of trend but comfort!! That said, my friend was
    Grabbing clothes for me to try on for a night on the town (ps-commando in a curtain changing room-bad idea) so he opens the curtain and there I stand pants below mid thigh level with the cute little skinny jeans wearing clerk boy and my junk isn’t covered! I look up, smile at the clerk as he’s blushing looking at my junk and I say, I’m sorry but do you have anything fitted for men who have an ass and thighs??? He never changes his glance and says, I’m sorry sir but that’s the only style we carry now bit u could get a larger size to fit that into! (he meant my ass not my junk!) LOL

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