Cute Nerd Comes Out To Father In Showiest Way Possible

20-year-old adorkable Mormon Tyler Robinson put on his best Blaine Anderson glee club jacket to perform Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” on the poor man’s American Idol (also known as The Voice). But he also killed an additional bird by coming out to his estranged father during the show. He said, “My dad and I don’t have the best relationship. He hasn’t been supportive of my music. Also my father does not know that I’m gay. I haven’t actually told him yet. I guess he knows now.”

Well, good job and all, Tyler. It takes guts to come out on national TV and then sing a mediocre band’s song in front of Cee Lo. But, um, if your dad isn’t all that supportive of your singing… he might not be watching The Voice either. Just sayin’.

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  • zxc

    It was rude comment.

  • Cam

    I’m going to have to tune in to this show. It looks pretty good, and I LOVE that gay mormon coming out to his father on the show. LOL! Mormons HATE it when others know their business, well Dad, guess everybody back at the ward knows now that you raised a great big MO!

  • rodca

    I really like this show! I disagree tho, its not a poor mans American Idol. Just the opposite, it classy and fresh. The only thing thats important is the voice, nothing else is judged (unlike American Idol which looks for “the total package”). I will be curious to see how the show unfolds and if it remains true to the “one voice” concept.

    Tyler has joined 3 other LGBT contestants:

    2 Lesbians – Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan
    2 Gays – Tyler Robinson joins Nakia

    The quality of perfonaces on this show is just amazing!

  • rodca

    perfonaces=perfomances (fat fingers-lol)

  • rodca

    oh this will go on forever LOL

  • soakman

    I also agree with the other comments. The voice actually features some pretty impressive talents. And so far, the people choosing the ‘winners’ actually know about music. They aren’t judged by random celebrities and then voted for by the American television audience.

    You know they will have talent because Cee Lo, Christina, and Adam are doing the weeding.

  • Barry

    Wow, Mr. Columnist, take off your snarky-colored sunglasses. The Voice has SEVERAL out and proud contestants. When did Idol ever have that? This is an awesome show. It has coaches that know the business. Hell, Carson Daly even has a second job! Those are all wins in my book. I’m stunned like everyone else that NBC pulled this hit out of nowhere, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Shaun

    So is anybody gonna put 2n2 together and realize no matter what bs apology blakehomophobe shelton made, it was all BS? He clearly chose to give tyler the boot even tho he was the stronger singer BY FAR. What possible logical conclusion is there…either A) he’s a no talent idiot that doesn’t know good singing…While I’d like think this.. it’s much more likely to be B) Once a homophobe, always a homophobe. Imagine if tyler had won the whole show. Blake’s name would be forever more assosciated with a “gay” zomg the horror! (end rant)

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