Dedicated To Those Who Doubt Gay Love

Cutest Living Lesbians Ever!

Old gay couples may be the best thing in the world. And we mean that. Last week we celebrated Barbara Francisco and Pauline Putnam, the elderly lesbian couple who offed themselves and died in one another’s arms. Today brings us another sweet senior sapphic twosome: Thea Clara Spyer and Edith Schlain Windsor.

Michael Petrelis – who finally admits that he’s addicted to gay wedding announcements – has dubbed the ladies’ nuptials to be “the most emotionally moving and terrific human story of all the gay and lesbian NYT wedding announcements ever to hit the pages of the Gray Lady.” And he may be right.

Consider this snippet from their lesbianic love story:

[Psychiatric] Dr. Spyer and Ms. Windsor met in 1965 in New York at Portofino, a restaurant in the West Village.

“Everyone lived in the closet,” Ms. Windsor said of lesbian life in New York in the 1960s. “The only place to go was bars, and they were rough.”

Adjourning to a friend’s apartment that night, Dr. Spyer and Ms. Windsor danced until the impromptu party ended, finally “dancing with our coats on, and other people standing at the door, annoyed, waiting for us,” Ms. Windsor recalled, adding, “She was smarter than hell, beautiful – and sexy.”

Dr. Spyer recalled of Ms. Windsor that night, “We danced so much and so intensely that she danced a hole through her stockings.”

The women met again a few years later at a Memorial Day party in the Hamptons. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Spyer – whose multiple schlorosis has claimed her use of her arms and legs – remarks on her 40-year relationship with Windsor: “It was a feeling of complete delight in being with her. I had a real sense of ‘I’ve landed in my life.’” Bless…