CWA Continues To Feed On Gay Panic

While we’re on the subject of nauseating bigots…

Despite the fact that University of California at San Francisco apologized for its staph-related gay panic, the Concerned Women of America have extended an invitation to gay groups to “help curb the spread of a potentially deadly strain of Staph infection”.

Because Concerned Women for America (CWA) cares deeply for the health and well being of all Americans, CWA is sending letters inviting the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, GLAAD and Lambda Legal to put aside profound ideological differences with CWA — for the sake of the lives and health of their members — and to call for commonsense steps to help curb the spread of a potentially deadly strain of Staph infection.

Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues, said, “We now have a wonderful opportunity for ideological opponents to come together for the common good. Steps must be taken to keep this MRSA outbreak, which is occurring within certain segments of the homosexual community, from becoming a more widespread epidemic.

“HRC and other homosexual groups have a profound leadership role in their communities and a responsibility to protect their members from behaviorally related threats to their health and well-being. Therefore, these groups should publicly condemn those specific ‘high-risk behaviors’ which this study has concluded are responsible for spreading MRSA among homosexuals.”

Um, right…

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  • emb

    OK, so I SUPPOSE that sometime, somewhere, there might be some arguably legitimate reason to cooperate with CWA on some issue, but this ain’t it, and here they go again, twisting facts and spreading disinformation to further their hateful agenda.

    From the Mayo Clinic (

    “These are the main risk factors for community-acquired MRSA:

    Young age.

    Participating in contact sports. MRSA has crept into both amateur and professional sports teams. The bacteria spread easily through cuts and abrasions and skin-to-skin contact.
    Sharing towels or athletic equipment.

    Having a weakened immune system.

    Living in crowded or unsanitary conditions. Outbreaks of MRSA have occurred in military training camps and in American and European prisons.

    Association with health care workers.”

    (Back to me) So gayrights organizations should join with CWA to prevent such high-risk homosexual behaviors as being a child; participating in contact sports, basic training, or being in prison; that big gay behavior, being HIV positive; and hanging around with anyone wearing scrubs.

    I really, really, really hate these people.

  • Paul Raposo

    A political ploy. The gay groups will decline and CWA and Matt Barber will condemn them as uncarring about gays, but also uncarring about “protecting” straight people from “teh gay staph.” AIDS bolsted anti-gay bigotry in the eighties and made people like David Horowitz famous among anti-gay conservatives. I guess CWA hopes these staph infections will be the new GRIDS and usher in a new 1000 year homophobic reich. Just wait until they start calling out for closures of bath houses. Ah! Gay sex panic; Obama loves Reagan; the phobes want us quarantined; and the economy is fucked. The eighties are bizack

  • fabianlander

    throught it we can find the sunshine future.only gay need is society understanding.on i have meet many humourous sexy and vigorious gayman who want just get an durable relationship with their love without discrimination

  • emb

    Paul: I’m with ya all the way up to “Obama loves Reagan” — that’s not true. He said RR was “transformative” which IS objectively true; he didn’t say it was in a good way.

  • gay as life

    Just wait until the next major outbreaks occur outside of the gay population (as they already have and will again). Then we will REALLY see the anti-gay vitriol.

    The next football team that needs to be hospitalized and locker room that needs to be disinfected, they will be blamed squarely on us – the dirty gays.

  • qjersey

    MSRA is more likely to be spread in the steam room at NY sports club than through actual sex.

    I didn’t get it but I know 2 guys who did…who both go to the same NY sports club…hmmm.

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