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Cyberbully harasses man with creepy notes after being rejected by him on Grindr

Everyone handles rejection differently. Some people cry and get depressed, others shrug their shoulders and move on more quickly, and then there are those who go absolutely apeshit crazy. This is the story of one of those guys…

A Grindr troll with the screen name “Hung Top” has been endlessly terrorizing men in San Diego whenever they reject his advances, continuing to harass them for weeks, months, and even years.

Ricardo Sousa is one of his victims. Six years ago, he turned down “Hung Top.” Ever since then, he says, he’s been harassed with hateful late night text messages, notes, and even death threats.

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Earlier this week, Sousa posted one of the messages he received in the middle of the night to Facebook:




“This has been going on for six years now,” Sausa wrote in the post. “I have ignored, I have blocked, I gave him warnings and he won’t stop.”

Speaking to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, he added, “I have reported to Adam 4 Adam and Grindr; he gets deleted but creates another profile with a different email. That’s just how these apps work.”

To make matters even worse, “Hung Top” apparently lives in the same building where Sousa works.

“He put notes on my car,” said Sousa. “Threatening notes. … I’m scared of this guy.”

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Apparently other guys in the area have fallen victim to “Hung Top” as well.

“He sees other profiles in the area and hits them up,” Sausa explained. “If you did not reply he would get upset and send those texts.”

After dealing with this guy for more than half a decade, Sausa finally contacted the San Diego Police Department’s LGBT liaison Sgt. Daniel Meyer for help, but the sergeant was out of town. So he went to the San Diego LGBT Community Center during their bi-weekly free legal advice service. He’s currently putting together a legal case to file a restraining order against the cyberbully.

“I only want letters from people who have been harassed by him and send screenshots, that helps a lot,” he told SDGLN.

So far, Sausa says he has collected four letters from guy who claim they, too, have been dealing with “Hung Top.” He hopes more people will come forward to strengthen the case.

“I don’t want him to hurt anybody,” he said, “but he should be in jail for a while, because this is way over the top. There was a shooting in Florida… we don’t need another one.”

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