All Her Activism, That Is...

Cyndi Explains It All

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, read or sensed it, but it’s gay pride month. To celebrate all the homo happenings, the ever-informative website,, has launched a 30-day virtual celebration, the – um – straight forwardly entitled “30 Days of Pride”. The site’s kicking things off with an interview with everyone’s favorite pop star activist, Cyndi Lauper, seen above at New York’s AIDS Walk.

In addition to discussing her role in HRC’s True Colors tour, Lauper delves into her broader activist roots:

I have been an activist for many different causes. I grew up during the African-American civil rights struggle. Then women had to fight for their equality and its very sad but it’s no different now. You would think in the year 2007, we would be past all this. But now the LGBT community has to fight for equality. Your civil liberties are my civil liberties… Gay people are my people and some of the stuff that has gone down in the last 5 years is just unacceptable to me.

Well said, Cyndi. And some people would rather create gay only spaces than accept such allies? Indeed!