Cynthia Nixon’s Thinking About Breasts (And Cancer)
Lesbian actress Cynthia Nixon kept her breast cancer secret for over two years, but now the red-headed beauty’s speaking out to raise awareness. Here she is chatting about her mother’s battle and her own. No, it’s not glamorous or gossipy, but it’s awesome – like everything Nixon does.

Nixon also opened up about how her diagnosis affected her lady love, Christine Marinoni:

Talking openly about a relationship she had refused to discuss, she said: “My girlfriend was the one doing the eating. She was in a panic – and just trying to calm herself down any way she could.” She also revealed her children, who know about the illness, now call both of them “mum”, adding “they love her”.

Aww, that’s enough to make us want kids. Or a lesbian girlfriend. Toss-up…