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Czech Politico Brews Up “Queer Beer” For Prague Pride. But What’s The Carb Count?

One of the many things we love about Europe is their ability to solve problems through drinking.

Though Czech President Václav Klaus and chancellor Petr Hajek have made statements attacking Prague Pride, Klaus’ office director, Ladislav Jakl, has whipped up a batch of “gay beer” in honor of the ongoing LGBT festival, which wraps up on Sunday.

Its name is BuQicák. It has a four-percent alcohol content, a pink color and a sweet taste,” the news server reported. “It can apparently be drunk warm.”

There’s a few nods to gays in the beer’s creation:

1. “Bukvice,” is Czech slang for a gay man , akin to “faggot,”  while “bur?ák” is a fermented wine that’s usually served in in August. Combining the two words translates (loosely) to “faggot wine”—or “queer beer.”

2. “Teplý,” Czech for “warm,” is also a slang word for a homosexual—”hence the reference to serving BuQicák warm.”

3. The letter q is rarely used in the Czech language, so the use of a capital Q in BuQi?ák is likely a nod to the Anglo term “queer.”

We can’t tell if Jakl and his buddies are seriously joining in the celebration, making fun of the festival (Jakl has said he was against “presenting sexuality in this form”) or just trying to make a cheap buck. But we’d sure like to try that brew! And it’s right in keeping with Prague Pride’s inaugural theme: “Drink Beer, Be Queer.” (Seriously, that’s the slogan.)

If any Queerty readers in Prague try BuQicák, let us know how it tastes in the comments!


Source: Czech Position