Czech Republic Legalizes Gay Civil Unions

gay marriageThe Czech Republic voted today to legalize same-sex civil unions, after a long battle over “family values” and threats of a veto by Czech President Vaclav Klaus. The measure passed with heavy support.

We applaud the Czech Republic for such a progressive move, joining the major nations of Europe in making the world a better place for the gays. We also dream wistfully of the day our own government will catch up with countries that were Communist not so long ago.

prague.jpegThe Czech Republic, once part of Czechoslovakia, used to be amongst the most hard-line Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, far more oppressive and brutal than the former Soviet Union. But as the “Iron Curtain” fell and East opened to West, gay tourism has boomed in the Czech Republic, as people flood there en masse to partake in the beautiful countryside filled with castles and the vibrant gay nightlife in Prague. So it is truly amazing that they have made such a drastic turn-around in their social norms, when much of the West lags behind. This reminds us, we need to take another trip to Prague, it’s fantastic. Maybe we’ll elope. Hmm, we should find boyfriends first.

Czech government passes same-sex civil unions law [Ceskenoviny]