trans fraud

D.B. Karron Spent A Million Taxpayer Dollars On Sex Changes For Herself + 3 Employees. Now She’s Gotta Pay It All Back

“Trannies are very good in high tech, and that’s what I did. It was a medical benefit.” That’s D.B. Karron, a male-to-female transgender lesbian, who’s on the hook for $4 million for spending a government grant — that was supposed to be used on medical technology research and development — on her sex change and that of three of her employees. Well!

Karron’s company Computer Aided Surgery Inc. received a $1.3 million government (read: taxpayer) grant that was intended to “develop computer technologies for medical uses, with potential benefits in radiation therapy, surgical planning and the manufacture of prosthetic devices.” Instead, she opted for gender reassignment surgery, as well as using some funds to pay for “personal expenses, including medications, psychotherapy, dental work, electrolysis, rent, track lighting for her apartment, and appliances, including blenders, vacuum cleaners and power drills.” Oh New York Post, giving us ample room to make a lesbian/power drills joke. FWIW, Karron plans to appeal.

She owes $4M on the original $1.3M thanks to civil penalties and fines. That’s on top of the 15-month sentence she served at a federal women’s facility in West Virginia beginning in 2008. And that’s also where she met her girlfriend, a fellow inmate, though it’s hard to maintain the relationships she says, because, “You can’t be jellin’ with a felon.”