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D.C. Archbishop Donald Wuerl: I’m Staying Out Of DADT, But Not Gay Soldiers’ Sex Lives

Don Wuerl

Though Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archibishop of Washington D.C., has weighed in on such meaty matters such as how legalizing same-sex marriage means the Catholic Church can no longer aid foster children, he’s not going to use Jesus’ resources to condemn the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Hooray?

It must be a Christmas miracle: The Catholic Church is staying out of politics! The newly inducted Cardinal Wuerl said on yesterday’s Fox News Sunday the issue of gay servicemembers “is a question that has to be worked out politically. And there isn’t a specific Catholic Church position, but whatever happens, it has to be seen in terms of the church’s teaching position. And that is, human sexuality is something that is supposed to be exercised responsibly and within the context of marriage.”

Oh good, because I was worried he was going to pass up an opportunity to defend the institution of inevitable divorce: “What the church is concerned about and what it brings to this debate, this discussion, are two realities. One, the understanding the long, long teaching of the church that every human being is worthy of respect. Then you also have to take the rest of the Gospel message, the rest of Jesus’s message that human sexuality has a purpose. And this is not for simply personal satisfaction. Human sexuality has to be seen in the context of the great gift of love, marriage, family.”

Which means that so long as gay servicemembers go unmarried (to the opposite sex), putting their lives on the line for their country is still committing a sin.