DC Cop Begins Weekend By Drunkenly Shooting Trans Women

Washington, DC, police officer Kenneth Furr decided to kick off this past weekend by allegedly driving drunk, having a minor collision in front of a CVS and then shooting at two trans women, all while off-duty.

“This is the second case where an off-duty police officer has attacked a member of the transgender community,”  Jason Terry of the DC Trans Coalition told Metro Weekly, adding that the District has the highest number of murders of trans people in the country, based on statistics gathered from the Transgender Day of Remembrance Project.

Though Furr has been charged with driving while intoxicated and assault with a dangerous weapon, authorities have yet to figure out why all this went down, and bias-crime charges could still be filed.

Seriously, what’s going on with DC cops giving LGBTs such a hard time?

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  • Henry

    Fucking pigs. This is what happens when cops have guns. I think we should take a lesson from the UK and give the police less lethal weapons to use on innocent people. Somehow they managed to control the riots at Tottenham without excessive force.

  • ElCidd

    Maybe because black cops hate the trans even more than they hate “teh gheyz.”

  • Riker

    @Henry: Except that the criminals still have guns. Also, how long did it take the British police to queel the riots? How many days went by and how many millions of pounds of damage were caused that may have been prevented if police could have acted with swift force?

  • Thomas Maguire

    All in a day’s work, yo.

  • DCGuy

    What’s going on with DC police?

    Well, as someone who lives here, let me tell you – most of them are fat, lazy, thin-line-between-cops-and-criminals types. There are a handfull of decent cops here, but their reputation is that DC cops are the most corrupt and least effective force in the region. Also, most Federal law enforcement agencies won’t even consider DC officers for jobs because of the high risk of bringing on board a corrupt thug.

    Given how ineffective and heavy-handed DC cops have been over the years, they deserve their very bad reputation.

  • Cam

    Wow, and again, I merely wrote a comment stating that this is like the 23rd DC cop to be charged with a criminal activity THIS YEAR showing there are MAJOR problems with the department! And that according to the article, the victims actually followed the cop in their car after the first altercation which was stupid.

    And the comment was screened out. What is going on?

  • slanty

    The pic attached to this article is kind of disturbing…

  • TMikel

    There is a question about treating this as a hate crime? Has this troglodyte at least been fired or are the D. C. cops retained after such an event?

  • Cam


    The guy was drunk driving around pulling his gun out of his car because he got into an argument……get him off the streets!

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