Closing time

D.C.’s Town nightclub will permanently shut its doors

Washington D.C.’s legendary dance club Town Danceboutique just announced it’ll be permanently closing its doors July 1, 2018. It’s a rather surprising development for a space that, in our experience, is consistently overflowing with revelers.

In a statement, the venue owners said:

“After more than ten years in operation at 2009 8th street NW, in the center of the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC, Town Danceboutique, the city’s largest and most well known LGBTQ nightclub, will be closing.”

In 2006, the building was sold to a developer. Now it’ll be turned into an apartment complex.

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“It has been our privilege to own and operate Town and to have worked with an incredible group of employees in various capacities that have helped make the club such a significant part of DC’s LGBTQ community,” the statement continues.

You can read the entire announcement below: