Dabbling Bisexual Tom Hardy Might Play Gay Rugby Stud Gareth Thomas

Tom Hardy, an experimental straight actor who seems to have done a little bit of gay sex but not the penetration stuff, is in talks to play studly gay rugby icon Gareth Thomas.

The movie is being developed by Mickey Rourke, who was going to star as Thomas but then realized, at 59, that the training would be too intense.

Gareth Thomas told The Sun they’re now looking for a replacement:

Gareth said: “I was talking to Mickey yesterday and basically we’re now talking to other big-name actors who could play the part instead. We had talked about using computer-generated special effects with Mickey but we don’t think that will be as realistic, so it’s time to find someone new.”

He revealed Batman star Tom Hardy is now in talks for the part that will feature Gareth’s personal struggle when he came out as gay in 2009.

Now retired, Thomas was in a league of his own when he de-closeted himself while still an active rugby player—something that’s yet to happen in the “manly men” American pro sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB).