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Dad who divorced husband to be with daughter’s ex-boyfriend says they’re now expecting triplets

British multimillionaire Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made headlines last fall when he announced he was splitting up with his partner of 32 years, Tony Drewitt-Barlow, to be with his personal assistant, Scott Hutchinson, who also happened to be his daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

At the time, 50-year-old Barrie and 25-year-old Scott said they were “head over heals” in love and hoped to expand their family soon. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Barrie explained that they were still living in the same house as his former partner and their kids, but that it wasn’t awkward at all.

“Yes, it is unorthodox,” he said, “but we are a loving family and our priority is to have a stable home for our kids and what is now an extended family.”

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Barrie also said that he and Scott were looking into surrogacy to have a child together.

“Scott has always wanted to have a child of his own so I said if he wanted us to be parents together, I would support him in that and have a baby with him.”

Now, the couple is expecting not one, not two, but three babies!

“I am overjoyed to share the news that Scott and I are pregnant with triplet girls,” Barrie tells The Sun. “We are using a surrogate and she’s fallen pregnant at the first attempt.”

He continues, “Our family has too many boys and too much testosterone! So we used sex selection to even things out. We know we are having girls.”

“It works for us. And if people are shocked, well, that’s their problem, not ours!”

The couple is working on a £100,000 Burberry-themed nursery for their three new additions, which they described as “the ultimate princess palace.”

“We are thrilled we are going to become daddies again,” says Barrie. “We’re going to spoil the girls rotten.”

Congrats to the dads-to-be!

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