Dad Scared Of Book Turning Kids Into Cross-Dressers

morris micklewhite

Our sympathies go out to the children of Lee Markham, a transphobic parent in Michigan.

Markham is causing a fuss about the book “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress,” a children’s book about a boy who wears a dress and paints his nails. The book teaches kids to resist bullying and to feel comfortable being true to themselves.

Markham’s complaints are the usual idiot blah-blah-blah: boys in dresses are abnormal, Christians are being oppressed because they’re not being allowed to oppress others, the book is going to turn children into cross-dressers. You know, the same sort of ranting and raving that makes life unpleasant for LGBT students everywhere. Christ, what a moron this guy is.

He has a kid in a third-grade class that read the book. “If any of those kids weren’t thinking about wearing dresses, now they are,” Markham said.

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But according to the school, they added the book to the class after students asked questions about different ways that people dress. So the students were already thinking about the topic, and refusing to address it would have been more disruptive than providing a simple explanation.

The Superintendent of schools had a pretty great response: the book is staying.

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In addition to harboring a cruel attitude regarding transgender people, Markham is also a dummy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about (shocker): “His First Amendment right to his freedom of religion wasn’t addressed at all,” Markham complained about his son having access to the book. “Instead another way of life is just put right in front of him. I just wonder who’s gonna correct all the damage that was done.”

Well, we’re just going to take a wild guess here, but we suspect that a therapist will be needed to correct the damage that Lee Markham is doing to his son by being an ignorant bigot who can’t accept that there are people who are different from him in the world.