DADT-Loving Republicans Just Love Sassing Off To The White House

Remember the Republican Representative Duncan Hunter, one of the turd burglars who wanted to delay the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal with amendments in the House’s defense authorization bill requiring additional military authorization to proceed with the repeal? His amendments easily passed through the Republican-controlled House this week, the same way a White Castle slider passes through the large intestine. And now that the amendment could end up in front of the President, White House spokesperson Shin Inouye has said, “We have serious objections to any amendment that would unnecessarily delay this process.” But little does Mr. Inouye know that the Republicans have some very saucy members just filled with zingers ready to sting the White House—oh how badly they want to sting!

Joe Kasper, a friendly ghost spokesperson for Hunter, responded with this little poop tart: “If the White House is so sure that the military leadership is behind the repeal, then there’s nothing to worry about. The White House’s statement just shows how unsure the administration really is with all this. And there’s always lots of talk about transparency and efficiency. So perhaps the administration will rethink it’s position and support the Hunter amendment.”

You just gotta love the catfight on Capitol Hill! But despite Kasper’s ultra-sassy sass-mouth, these crappy amendments will likely go nowhere in the Democrat-led Senate. Even better, they will arrive impotent on the President’s desk, seeing as the military brass will have already given their OK by the time the amendments would become law. But anything just to sass off to The White House, eh Kasper?