DADT-Loving Republicans Should Be Scaring America With The Risk Of Turning Into Commie Canada

Is anyone else exhausted by reading about how all these other countries managed to integrate openly gay troops without incident? We get it, Mother Nature: Israel, Britain, Canada, South Africa, Australia … they’re all better than us! But that’s an easy thing to claim when you don’t have to blame Lady Gaga for all your embarrassments. So just shut up about how you’ve got recruiters setting up booths at gay pride parades and let America do it’s own thing. Because whoever said there’s no pride in turning your back on loyal soldiers? Not you!

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  • Cam

    I’m not sure the direction that this post was aiming.

  • Gorbeh

    Yikes, the guy on the left has me considering joining the IDF.

  • ron

    Gays are obsessed with sex and turn every situation sexual. Gays will use the military as a dating service. Who cares what Canada does – it is irrelevant. DADT must stand.

  • Andy

    @Ron – a really good friend of mine left the military when she got pregnant, by a fellow soldier. Does this mean that straights use the military as a dating service and should also be banned from service?

  • adman

    @ron: Straights are obsessed with everything Gay, and turn every situation where a gay is involved sexual. Straights will use the Gays in the military as a stepping stone towards further degradation of everything they supposedly stand for, like you know, America, and Freedom, and liberty, Jesus, shall I go on? Everyone has their fears, stop thinking your hetero orientation should and could save you from being a whiny little panty waste when everybody already knows, buddy. It’s unbecoming, and quite frankly, you’re not five anymore. Conformity is mediocrity as soon as you open your mouth, and so that’s what we’re fighting in the middle east for? Really? Is it now a requisite condition that straight men be required to lose the bigger picture in anything they do? Because that what it seems like these days, or at least it does when one of you fright-wing manchildren pops up here.

  • Daniel Loftin


    That’s just so stupid. Gays are no more obsessed with sex than straights are.

    And to say that Canada is irrelevant is sheer chauvinism.

    And incidentally, do you think that straights aren’t fooling around behind the barracks?

  • Andreusz

    I seriously doubt whether there’s a single openly gay soldier in South Africa’s military. We have equal rights in the constitution, but most South Africans are very homophobic.

  • Andrew

    In the UK both the Royal Air Force and Navy have joined the Army in actively encouraging recruitment from the homosexual community by taking part in gay pride events where members marched in their uniforms.

  • Sam G

    Last year a couple of Canadian soldiers were married by the military base’s chaplain in full dress uniform.

    Oh Canada, I do love you.

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