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Dahlia Lithwick: Judge Walker’s 80 Statements Of Fact Are the Meat Of His Ruling

We all knew Rachel Maddow would be all over Wednesday’s Prop 8 ruling. But I’m equally impressed by how much real-time coverage even CNN gave to today’s decision, despite Rick Sanchez welcoming FRC’s Tony Perkins, a bona fide hate leader, on the show.

As Slate‘s brilliant Dahlia Lithwick (who wrote up a very poignant piece, outlining Walker’s nod to Anthony Kennedy), Judge Vaughn Walker found “eighty different places” that are a “finding of fact,” not just of law — “the courts are going to have to take [them] very seriously” moving forward.

Oh yeah: Ted and David were there too.

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  • John (CA)

    Rachel Maddow is great.

    She’s insightful, asks probing questions, and doesn’t allow the guests to get away with repeating their talking points.

    And that is why watching CNN is so depressing…

    CNN always has the circus freaks – Maggie Gallagher, Paul Cameron, Tony Perkins, Peter LaBarbera, and Peter Sprigg – on standby to provide commentary on the evils of same-sex marriage. The vacuous CNN anchors love to feign ignorance by allowing the lunatic right all the time in the world to present themselves as experts and make their arguments. Never once will they challenge the inevitable comparisons of homosexuality to bestiality, child abuse, incest, and so forth. And then they turn it over to Dan Savage, that great legal scholar, for a lame rebuttal and some puns. Then they declare that it was a good “debate” and move on to the dancing bear.

  • Troy Boy

    Everyone is making sense all the sudden… is this a dream?

  • bluenosedive

    I just woke up. I think I still have a hang-over from yesterday’s high. #_#

  • FreddyMertz

    @Troy Boy: I know…I’m pinching myself.

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