The Daily Dose: An Oscar-winning evening with a legend

Photo by David Hindley

Welcome to Queerty’s latest entry in our Queerantined: Daily Dose series. Every day as long as the COVID-19 pandemic has us under quarantine, we’ll release a suggested bit of gloriously queer entertainment designed to keep you from getting stir crazy in the house. Each weekend, we will also suggest a bingable title to keep you extra busy.

The Misty-Eyed: Judy

Renee Zellwegger took home her second Oscar last month for her performance as Judy Garland in this biopic. It’s not hard to see why. Focusing on Garland’s last concert series at London’s Talk of the Town, Judy delves into the personal drama and eroding health of the mother of all Queer Icons. Zellwegger does her own singing–which may be the movie’s most controversial creative decision–though that allows the actress to recreate some of Garland’s most indelible performances. At times, it feels like we’re watching the real thing: her mannerisms, posture and makeup make Zellwegger a perfect doppelganger. Apart from a saccharine and unbelievable ending, Judy hits all the right notes, as fine entertainment, moving drama and a beautiful tribute to the legend of Judy Garland.

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