Daily News Columnist “Furious” Over Gay Pride Oreo Cookie

It’s something Kraft didn’t have to do, and it’s clever, when you think about it, to use an image as iconic as the Oreo to support basic decency.

That doesn’t change the fact I’m still furious.

When I saw the image of that Oreo, with all those layers of creamy filling, I thought wow, finally someone has gotten supersizing right.

This isn’t just double-stuffed. This is double-stuffed, then double-stuffed again, then double-stuffed again.

Say hallelujah. Say amen.

I’m not sure the colors of all this filling are found in nature. I’m quite sure I don’t care. What’s a little food dye when you’ve got all that tasty sweet stuff?

This is the Dagwood sandwich of cookies—something where you almost have to go to the jaw gym and exercise for a week before you can eat it.

I saw this picture and after a brief moment to appreciate its aesthetics and message, every other thought in my head was immediately overpowered by this one: Where can I get me a package of these?

It was only then that I read the fine print, which says this isn’t a real cookie. You can’t buy it. You can’t eat it.

It’s a statement.

And that’s okay.

But I also want the cookie. And now, I will never get it. It will join all those girls and all those cars and world peace among the many things that will, alas, never become more than a dream.”

—Journalist David Hinckley, discussing Nabisco’s recent Pride Oreo image, in the New York Daily News

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  • 1equalityUSA

    Unless they change the recipe, I remember my brother telling us that the filling is made with rendered beef lard. He was full of fun facts. Once, during breakfast, he read aloud that they dug up the grave of Lee Harvey Oswald and went into great and gory detail about the white cheesy substance oozing out of his skull etc. So maybe he couldn’t let Oreo cookies off of the hook. He’s in his 50’s now and still the same. Let’s hope the recipe is not.

  • Kingston

    i LOVE kraft for doing this!

  • HM

    I’m furious, too. In the very heart of board shorts season, when I can just feel the calories wisk away….now I have to go buy a few packages of Oreos.

    Hey, the need to see a spike in sales, right? Of course I’m right.

    That means you need to go buy ’em too.

  • 1equalityUSA

    It’s on my list, HM. Good idea

  • MR

    @1equalityUSA: actually, Oreos are vegan.

  • JB

    in all the fuss, how come nobody ever mentioned that they got the date wrong? The Stonewall events that Gay Pride is supposed to commemorate started on June 28, not June 25.

    that said, I’d buy these cookies in a flash. I’d even buy them if they only did one color between two cookies but had them in a rainbow pack. yum.

  • the other Greg

    @1equalityUSA: Your brother was thinking of Twinkies, which have (or had in the past) a filling made of rendered beef lard.

  • 1equalityUSA

    No! Not Twinkies! They’re simply bovine. Thanks for clarifying. It’s very mooooooooving that you wrote. Arrr, I’m milking this one, eh? Win some, lose udders.

  • june 25

    @JB: Pride in NYC is every last sunday in June, not the actual date of Stonewall.

  • the other Greg

    @june 25: Yes, but last Sunday was June 24!

  • yaoming

    If it’s 6 layers, wouldn’t that be SEXtuple Stuff?

  • Don


    I know that Oreos are well-known for being vegan (partially well-known because it’s like….”What? Then how do you make the cream?”)

  • 1equalityUSA

    In private?

  • Mark

    “I’m not sure the colors of all this filling are found in nature.” You blooming idiot – haven’t you ever seen a damn rainbow? Sheesh…..

  • dvlaries

    “The Dagwood Sandwich of cookies.”
    :( You have my complete sympathy, Dave, I wanna pig on a couple of them too.

  • Jeff

    Oreo did an ad campaign on their Facebook page for June where each day they show an oreo in a themed picture. This happened to fall on June 25th. I don’t believe they meant that that particular day was supposed to be pride, only that they chose a day in late June for it.

  • Richard Ford

    This furious guy is just looking for a way to get himself into the story.
    There are plenty of things to get furious about–this is not one of them.
    What a party pooper.

  • MKisNE

    I respect the statement but the cookie does not look good at all. Regular Oreo’s are delicious.

  • Tom

    still cannot help to think Nabisco is only doing this for the money. After the spike in sales JCP and Archie Comics had because of their support. Happy Nabisco is showing support but cautious too

  • 1equalityUSA

    Oreos are on our list for today. “Oreos…to support the gay” 1,000 hormonal moms will puke into their snack bags.

  • Trent

    I was mad for the same exact reason. Where can I get this cookie I though. Or at least a rainbow pack with one color. WHY DO YOU TEASE ME SO!!!

    Although technically I am in Africa for at least another month so probably wouldn’t get them anyway. Dammit.

  • Ragmatical

    I’m having a lot of fun online when fat homophobes say they’re boycotting the cookies. Looks like you’ve already had your fair share fatass!
    Oh god.
    I need to get laid…

  • the other Greg

    On Bill Maher’s show last night, Bill was pretty grossed out by this cookie. He’s an extreme health nut. He made a joke about how the cookie looked so disgusting, he’d rather put a dick in his mouth!

  • Craig

    So if these whack job homophobes are going to be boycotting Kraft for the Oreo picture, all we need to do is convince all food brands ever to support pride to do the same and all these idiots will starve….

  • 1equalityUSA

    No, they’ll eat their words.

  • abel

    Lard is pig fat, not beef fat. Lard was used in Oreos until the 1990s. Then they changed it to some sort of chemicals and vegetable fat concoction. Hasn’t been as good since. Rendered beef fat, by the way, is called “tallow.” McDonald’s used to fry their French fries in beef tallow (which made a lot of sense, since they had so much of it), until the food Nazis got on them, and now they use some unholy combination of chemicals instead. And their fries aren’t nearly as good as they used to be, either.

  • Jakey

    LOL, NOT what I expected to read from the headline. Pretty funny column, got to hand it to the Daily News.

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