Dallas Cowboys Website Gets Taken Over By Gay-Dating Company

Back in 2007, the Dallas Cowboys organization had the winning bid on the URL “Cowboys.com,” but because of some confusion during the auction, didn’t pay up in time and the domain went to another bidder. For years it sat dormant, but now it’s gone live—as a dating site for rugged cowboy-types looking for a  pardner to get all Brokeback with.

“Are you a country western cowboy looking for a man to ride into the sunset with? Come and create relationship[s] with singles [who] share your appreciation for the country way of life,” reads the come-on on Cowboys.com. “You’ll be able to find your perfect match here.”

Obviously this is no tragedy—and it might open a few people’s minds. “We are extremely excited to have decided on a direction for this property,” said Cowboy.com co-owner Darren Cleveland recently said in a press release. “Gay dating is a primary target for this website. However, we will also serve the needs of straight daters as well.”

DomainNameNews.com reports that the whole problem came from the fact that when the rep from Dallas Cowboys bid on the domain name, he thought “275” meant he was bidding $275—not the actual $275.000.

We’re guessing he’s not with the organization anymore.