Dallas Paper Comes Out Against Gay Nups

California’s East Bay Express commemorated the state’s gay marriage milestone by offering free receptions to readers. The Dallas Morning News isn’t feeling as celebratory. Though the editorial board claims disinterest in perpetuating the debate, they do a hell of job throwing fuel on the fire – and largely for the right:

This newspaper has endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples as a matter of basic fairness. But like many Americans, we have stopped short of fully endorsing gay-marriage rights. Fundamentally redefining the nature and meaning of marriage in law is a radical step, one that no prudent society will rush into.

The California court action forces Americans to take a stand on either side of the divide. Though there is a slowly emerging democratic consensus in favor of gay marriage, it does not yet exist, and it is by no means evident to most Americans that gay marriage is, in essence, a civil rights matter.

By leaping ahead of evolving social mores and removing the issue from democratic debate, the courts could be inadvertently setting up a backlash that threatens to poison our politics for some time.

And thank God we have a free media to spread that so-called poison!