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Dallas Sportscaster And Michael Sam Defender Dale Hansen Is Being Awesome Again

Two-time AP Sportscaster of the Year Dale Hansen’s spirited defense of Michael Sam went viral earlier this year, and now he’s got a thing or two to say about Sam’s status as one of the last to be picked in this year’s NFL Draft.

Hansen finds it more than a bit fishy that SEC’s 2014 Defensive Player of the Year Sam was the 249th draft pick in a last-round nail-biter, and has a hard time believing that there are 248 players that are better than him. Hansen also takes down criticism of the now famous boyfriend kiss, noting very dryly that after ESPN broadcast it “…the world almost shook, we almost collided with the sun, and yet somehow we’ve survived to live another day.”

One thing’s for sure: an ally like Hansen is a good one to have.

We look forward to Sam making the Rams and to being entertained by Hansen’s future smackdowns of the inevitable homophobia to come.

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  • Thad1527

    Oh…you’d better get your Michael Sam jersey soon. They’re already selling briskly.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Does it surprise anyone that the only team that took a chance on University of Missouri star Michael Sam was a Missouri team owned by a Missourian? The Rams have already earned back in good will, publicity and season ticket sales whatever it will cost to get Michael Sam under contract. Drafting Michael Sam was good for the bottom line.

  • KDub

    Guess Hansen missed Sam’s performance at Combine. Not hard to believe there are 248 players that are better. The last 10 guys to get the honor were almost all top 20 picks (CJ Mosley–who shared with Sam–was 17th). Folks will definitely be saying Sam doesn’t deserve his spot. I’d wait to see how he plays before I argue with anyone over it.

  • oldbrit

    As someone who lives in Dallas, I note, proudly, that:

    A few years ago Dallas had 3 gay city councilmembers out of 14 – which is likely a higher percentage serving at one time than any major American city, including San Francisco.

    Dallas County has a Latina lesbian sheriff who has been re-elected several times.

    In 2006, Dallas elected an openly gay man County Judge- That’s the elected head of the county government (like a mayor is head of a city government).

    We elected an openly gay constable in one of our constabulary precincts and re-elected him several times.

    We also have the only Latina constable in Texas, who is heterosexual, but who marches with PFLAG in the annual gay pride parade with her son who is a gay veteran who served in Iraq.

    We have gay elected officials serving as judges, district clerk, and county treasurer.

    We have male and female, straight and gay, Anglo, Hispanic, and Asian elected officials.

    In the most recent mayoral election, an openly gay man was barely defeated by another Democrat. (We’ll have to work on that one since Houston has a lesbian mayor, and we can’t let Houston get one up on us!)

    And, last but not least, Dallas is a Democratic County and every county-wide elected office is held by a Democrat – which has a lot to do with why we have so many openly gay elected officials.

  • LadyL

    @oldbrit: Congratulations! Are you sure Dallas is in George Bush’s Texas??

  • Mezaien

    Hahahahah he is so very funny. I just can`t stop love Michael, and hid T shirt I got from him. It`s make the TEA party, or I should say the “Pee Party” the looser of the century after all they are just white ASSES.

  • toberlin

    Dale Hansen seems to be a cool, laid-back guy with a good humour ( just know him from here).I would say he behaves normally. Just because other people are trying to establish their misbehavior towards their fellow citizens forever as normal I wouldn`t call him awsome.I would invite him to a barbecue…

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