Stand With Sam

Dallas Sportscaster And Michael Sam Defender Dale Hansen Is Being Awesome Again

Two-time AP Sportscaster of the Year Dale Hansen’s spirited defense of Michael Sam went viral earlier this year, and now he’s got a thing or two to say about Sam’s status as one of the last to be picked in this year’s NFL Draft.

Hansen finds it more than a bit fishy that SEC’s 2014 Defensive Player of the Year Sam was the 249th draft pick in a last-round nail-biter, and has a hard time believing that there are 248 players that are better than him. Hansen also takes down criticism of the now famous boyfriend kiss, noting very dryly that after ESPN broadcast it “…the world almost shook, we almost collided with the sun, and yet somehow we’ve survived to live another day.”

One thing’s for sure: an ally like Hansen is a good one to have.

We look forward to Sam making the Rams and to being entertained by Hansen’s future smackdowns of the inevitable homophobia to come.