Damn It, SNL Made Zooey Deschanel Slightly Less Annoying!

Up until this weekend we truly despised everything about Zooey Deschanel—the atypical spelling of her name, the Kewpie-doll mouth and Keane eyes, the intentionally warble in her singing voice and her insistence on playing the doe-eyed little waif despite being, what, 45? (Okay, 32.) We imagine she sits in her bedroom making faces in the mirror and asking friends, “Does this expression look cute? How about this one?”

But anyone who can make fun of herself—like Zooey did in this SNL skit, where Abby Elliott impersonates her and she plays a particularly emaciated Mary Kate Olsen—can’t be all bad. (Extra points to Taran Killam as a Mickey Mouse version of Michael Cera.)

Damn you, Zooey Deschanel—now we can’t even hate you properly!