legal bender

Damn, we’re sure glad we’re not Donald Trump today (or any day)

Donald Trump is facing more legal challenges than ever before and another one of his top attorneys appears to be running for the exit. This time, it’s Charles Harder, who the ex-president and his klan have leaned on for years to sue journalists, authors, and book publishers he doesn’t like.

According to two Trump insiders, Trump has wanted to fire Harder for a while now because he doesn’t think he’s been “winning” enough and, oh yeah, he’s kinda expensive! And as Rudy Giuliani knows, if there’s one thing Trump hates to spend money on, it’s lawyers.

When asked for comment on the rumors, Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich denied everything, saying: “This is absolutely false and the circumstances you’ve described are detached from reality. Your sources are either ill-informed, dishonest, or don’t exist.”

Harder, too, called the whole story a work of fiction, saying, “I’m not allowed to discuss attorney-client matters, so I cannot respond except to ask who is saying this because they are probably making it up.”

But the court documents don’t lie. And the Daily Beast notes that shortly after Trump began bitching about Harder this past summer, the attorney’s name started being replaced in court filings as his counsel of record.

If the rumors are true, then Harder is joining a looooong list of attorneys who have exited Trump’s orbit under strange and unusual circumstances, including Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani, and Marc Kasowitz, whose represented him for decades, through everything from divorces to Casino disputes to Russia-related matters.

Among some of Trump’s other longtime legal defenders who are either taking a break or jumping ship are Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the antigay organization American Center for Law & Justice, and Marc Mukasey, once called “the lawyer at the center of the Trump universe,” who just quit last week after being tapped by the Trump Organization to represent Eric in New York State’s civil fraud suit against the family business.

When approached for comment, Mukasey declined to say why he had abruptly quit. He has been replaced with criminal defense attorney Alan Futerfas. At least, for now.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.