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Damn, we’re sure glad we’re not Lindsey Graham today (or any day)

Lindsey Graham has somehow managed to go from being Donald Trump‘s personal lapdog to one of the most hated members of his own party in record time, and things don’t appear to be looking up for the antigay senator from South Carolina.

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Quick recap: Last week, Graham said Trump’s recent remarks about pardoning January 6 rioters if he were to take back the White House were “inappropriate.” Trump responded by going on Newsmax and calling Graham “wrong” and “RINO”, short for “Republican In Name Only.”

Now, Don Jr. has joined his father in putting Graham on blast.

Speaking to Newsmax in a separate interview, Jr. reiterated what his dad said, claiming that, while he “like[s] Lindsey” and thinks “he’s a funny guy, he’s got a good personality”, he’s also “weak” and most definitely a “RINO.”

“In terms of government, in terms of those things he’s going to roll over every time, and that’s unfortunate because we’ll be right on the issues, and so many Republicans, and the weak establishment Republicans, will roll over each and every time,” he rambled.

“I think we need to elect people that won’t do that. Unfortunately, the Senate is filled with a lot of Republicans that way now,” he blabbed. “I just want to make sure we bolster and help those who are actually going to fight for conservative values, not talk about it in sound bites and then roll over and die when there’s actual pressure.”

Vanity Fair reports:

Just so it’s clear, according to Junior, Graham isn’t a real Republican because he thinks people who waged a violent insurrection that left five people dead in the hopes of overturning the results of an election should not be let off the hook, or that other people considering similar acts should have it put in their heads that they’ll be able to get away with it. Which, according to Donny, is going against conservative values, for which Graham and others like him should apparently be voted out of the Senate.

All of this must be just devastating to Lindsey, who has kept his lips permanently glued to Trump’s ass for the last six years, assisting him in his unsuccessful efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, and even donating $500,000 to his legal defense fund.

But none of it is unexpected.

Trump throws everyone under the bus sooner or later. His niece, Mary Trump, recently said she believes he’ll throw his own children under there if it means saving himself from the January 6 committee.

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“Donald will throw anybody under the bus if he believes it’s in his best interest to do so,” she told MSNBC’s Alex Witt last month. “If he believes it’ll help play out the clock, if he believes that it will help him avoid accountability, that’s all he cares about.”

If being publicly dumped by Trump and Jr. wasn’t bad enough, Graham is also getting heat from other Republicans for saying he will support President Biden’s SCOTUS nominee to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, who the president has pledged will be a Black woman.

QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene put him on blast last week, tweeting, “Lindsey Graham is ready to confirm Biden’s SCOTUS pick at record speed. He’s excited by a racially motivated and sexist nomination.”

Biden’s nominee only needs 51 votes in the Senate to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Currently, there are 48 Democrats and two independents who caucus with the party. Should the nominee fail to get support from any Republicans, Vice President Kamala Harris could break the 50-50 tie.

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