Charges Dismissed Against Lt. Dan Choi

A Superior Court judge in DC has dismissed the charges against Lt. Dan Choi, relating to his participation in a 2011 White House demonstration against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

According to an email update from Choi on Thursday:

After one and a half years of criminal trial looming over my head, a totally unconstitutional “stay away” restraining order from the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (The White House) and too many friends telling me not to fight back, the Judge dismissed the case. Forever.

Judge Juliet McKenna, Associate Judge of DC Superior Court sternly rebuked the prosecution and the many prosecutors in the audience that such sloppy mistakes and unjust outcomes are unacceptable. (Prosecutors contend it was a sloppy mistake and hide behind the different research methods they use to target certain defendants and not others….

Choi’s attorneys successfully argued that his arrest was an example of selective prosecution: Out of 1,253 protestors at the pipeline demonstration, he was one of only a few targeted for trial and jail time.

While Choi’s been cleared in this case, he still has other legal headaches to face: In 2010 he was arrested at the White House for protesting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And, in May 2011, he was among a number of international activists arrested by Moscow police when they defied a ban on having a Pride celebration.

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  • Cam

    The way that HRC tried to target this guy and Get Equal, and attack them and anybody else fighting for gay rights as an enemy rather than an ally was shameful.

    They were out at all the parties spreading stories, claiming he had been evaluated, was off his meds, was making million dollar deals and didn’t really care about gay rights etc…

    Well, this guy put his money where his mouth was while they just threw a few more parties.

    Thanks to Choi and I’m glad that his charges were dropped and that the judge rebuked the prosecution. Maybe that will warn them off trying crap like that in the future.

  • Mjl-428

    -wait- They’re STILL holding that protest against him? if it weren’t for him staying on everyone’s ass about it, we probably wouldn’t have been rid DADT this soon

  • jwrappaport

    It’s about time. Doubly brave for wearing the uniform and having the chutzpah to stand up for gay rights literally around the world. Mazel tov, Dan.

  • niles

    My condolences to Choi, as we know how much he would love a show trial. Perhaps he
    will get his chance later.

  • FStratford

    This is one more reason why I dont give to HRC, just GetEqual. HRC has a history of favoring their own control of power over the rights of gays.

  • Taliaferro

    It is always disturbing and disgusting when decent Americans are penalized for protesting actions or lack or action on the part of our government. Choi is a courageous and intelligent person and should not be targeted because of his stand. Our country has a long history of silencing, or trying to silence, those who dare to criticize unjust and inhumane laws against segments of our population. HRC did no one any good with this case. I agree, GetEqual is the better choice for our support.

  • Charli Girl

    What’s the deal with HRC? How do they come into play? I’ve never heard anthing about that…
    Do tell…

  • 2eo

    @Charli Girl: The HRC led a campaign of misinformation about Lt. Choi, making up lies about his past, that he was discharged for reasons other than he actually was and attacking him and the people around him in disparaging articles, even communicating with people and offering aid to the people prosecuting him [for doing nothing wrong].

    Yeah, the HRC has a lot to answer for, it would be nice to see them try and do something for the first time in their existence, still it is nice to invite people to high society galas and pretend people aren’t being murdered for being gay I guess.

    A lot of the people around the HRC are no better than GoProud and other GOP gay groups, they are desperate to distance themselves from actual people they don’t see the forest for the trees with who they are in bed with.

  • Fitz

    I don’t hold a lot of respect for Choi, or any gay republican.

  • Spike

    Poor Dan Choi, he isn’t going to get any media requests now that the charges have been dropped, he’s going to have to find a whole new way to get attention. How tragic, and for this to happen right before Christmas, even worse. He might actually have to get a job.

  • 2eo

    Can’t tell if trolling.

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    Or serious.

  • 2eo

    Hahaha, that’s the best Ascii Fry ever. Kudos Queerty for your unbelievably ass backwards front end. Again.

  • Samuel

    @Cam: Asian gay men are still treated as enemies by the gay white and Western lead “movement” and one often wonders why. I am not suprised at the shabby and shameful treated melted out to him by gays and am glad that the truth is coming OUT

  • Samuel

    @Spike: Some people just cant believe that those asians are here… and particpate in the community including the gay community as equals…
    What has the world come to.

  • Mjl-428

    @Samuel: don’t speak of “the r word” in the gay community. you know it doesn’t exist.

    in all honesty, I’m glad to know this and believe it would be better to expose the HRC. for a so-called “community” we don’t fully stand up for each other when we’re supposed to. let’s change that for once. then me might actually get more done in a shorter amount of time

  • Samuel

    absolutely…. say NO to the white or western agenda…
    the only agenda we will support is the Gay one!

  • Samuel

    We are gay we are asian, get used to it
    We are gay we are african, get used to it.
    We are gay we are eastern, get used to it.
    We are gay we are middle eastern, get used to it!

  • Dakotahgeo

    Two military heros in one year? Brad Manning and Dan Choi. Not bad, not bad! Ohhh… I forgot Peterass, or was that Petreaus?? I forget.

  • Spike

    @Samuel: Wow, got a few issues as far as being gay and asian? Don’t recall making any reference to Dan Choi being asian in my comment, but it seems to be the only topic on your mind at the moment, so please, don’t let me get in your way and good luck with your issues and apparent anger.

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