UPDATE 2: Dan Choi Speaks In Moscow! Will His Arrest Upstage Magneto And Gandalf?

UPDATE (5/26 6:11 PM): Dan Choi serves up some military metaphors at St. Basil’s Cathedral below. Has anyone ever heard Choi not speak in a Presidential voice? Choi 2032!!!

UPDATE (5/26 12:40 PM): Dan Choi tells John Aravosis that he wants to spend a night in a Moscow jail to show Russia that the world is watching. Be careful, comrade—the KGB has “vays of maykeen you tolk.”

Even though the Moscow government remains too scared to hold a Pride parade, LGBT Moscovites have decided to throw one anyway. And now they have two big names on their side, unchained soldier Dan Choi and Grey Wizard of Magnetism Ian McKellen.

Openly gay actor by day, powerful mage and supervillain by night, McKellen had these strong words for those involved in the Moscow Pride battle:

“The mayor of Moscow is a coward. Rather than face the fact that Muscovite gays and lesbians should be valued on a par with their straight peers, he panders to the right wing. He throws them some red meat, some gays, to gnaw on.

“In the 1980s, Mrs Thatcher once did the same in the United Kingdom but she was eventually defeated totally by the efforts of gay people, their families and friends, who joined together to fight injustice.

“I send my heart-felt support for your bravery in marching on 28 May in the land of Tchaikovsky, Diaghilev and Nureyev. Good luck.”

Pretty nice for a supervillian! Then there’s Dan Choi, the DADT posterboy who used to chain he and his pals to the White House fence. Apparently Choi he unchained himself long enough to go to Moscow for this weekend’s Gay Pride. He came along with 20 U.S. and European activists who plan to march and speak out in support of the parade on Russia’s version of Meet the Press.

Moscow isn’t exactly known for having the most fabulous gay prides. In 2009 the police violently arrested paraders and in 2010 a bunch of Neo-Nazis crashed the march. No one got hurt in 2010 and we hope it stays that way, Nazis be damned.