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Dan Choi: Sec. Gates’ New Rules ‘Enforce Shame, Lying, Deception’

Oh hey girl! Lt. Dan Choi, the alleged criminal who was on Rachel Maddow’s show talking about his sessuality a year ago this week, made a grand return this evening. Hot topic? Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And how Sec. Gates’ new, less “malicious,” more “human” rules can go suck a dick.

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  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Great interview.

  • schlukitz

    What an eloquent spokesman Dan Choi is for the LGBT community.

  • jamison

    he’s so articulate, hope more people take his initiative!

  • Bussy

    Oh ok. So what do gays want to do about it? Maybe all gay soldiers should chain themselves to the fence of the white house and kill their careers like Mr choi here.
    This is a step in the right direction o. DADT is going to be repealed and though I am sure it won’t happen this year. You bet ur ass it will happen. What u gay folks fail to understand is you simply do not have the
    political clout to push any one especially the Pentagon to do what they do not want to do. The prez has said repeal then wait for it to happen. God! Its like talking to kids. They are relaxing the law to restrict the number of people banished under it.
    If you wont be patient then quit the service and join Mr choi in whatever it is that he is doing

  • j

    @Bussy: Are you for real? So if it was black people disallowed from the military would you be saying “Oh you guys, stop acting like little kids they’ve relaxed the rules! Now, you can still get into the army if you don’t have REALLY black skin so don’t worry about it! As for the rest of you just be patient!” It’s amazing how people outside of our community continue to patronise us like idiots.

  • schlukitz

    Bussy just made my point! Bussy is NOT one of our community, yet his/her antagonizing, demeaning and patronizing comments are posted regularly on these threads with impunity.

  • Lanjier

    He is one kick-ass American.

  • Bussy

    J. Blacks have nothing and I mean nothing to do with this. This is not about race which is obviously a trait no one has any control over. Its about sexual orientation which science is yet to explain to usobjectively.
    When gays get cornered it suddenly becomes ok to play with black civil rights history. Leave our black brothers out of it and focus on your own shit. Last I heard the blacks are not exactly thrilled u dare compare ur struggles to theirs. Thus in the name of MLK jr pls stop.
    As I was saying this move by pentagon is a good one and a promise for many more and of course the repeal. It will not happen this year..accept it and embrace it. But I know it will happen.

  • Jason_UT

    Dan Choi is our Malcolm X.

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