Dan Choi Tackled, Handcuffed, Kicked Off Base While Trying To Attend Bradley Manning’s Hearing

Military police wrestled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” posterboy Dan Choi and pinned him to the ground before tearing the epaulet on his uniform, handcuffing him, threatening to charge him with resisting arrest and eventually kicking him off the Fort Meade base when he tried to attend accused Wikileaker Bradley Manning’s hearing. Oh Choi, what have you done now?

According to Choi, he had peaceably attended Manning’s hearing the day before. But this time, base officials at the gate harassed Choi for wearing his uniform (even though Choi has every right to as an honorable dischargee). The officials apologized and let him in ten minutes later. But when Choi noticed a nearby Staff Sergeant reportedly giving him a dirty look, Choi asked, “Hello, staff sergeant, how’s your dog?”

Overhearing Choi, a marshall approached Choi and told him he was heckling. When Choi said that he wasn’t heckling, the marshall asked Choi to leave. Choi refused, saying that he was in a contained area. At which point, the marshall tackled, cuffed and forcibly removed Choi. Even though he didn’t formally charge Choi, he banned him from the courtroom and forbade him from re-entering the base for at least 24 hours.

According to The Daily Kos, Choi supports Manning:

Choi, a West Point graduate, went to the Manning trial because “soldiers stand up for integrity, and if the code of ethics and army values are important, then we should support Bradley Manning.” He added that Manning’s actions were not only in the interest of his unit, but also in the interest of the country. “He believed that our country as a whole needed to have integrity. The law of land warfare says that if a soldier sees a crime—a rape or a murder—it’s their responsibility to report it. As I understood it, he brought it up to the chain of command. The chain of command knew about it, and they were the ones who were in violation of the law of land warfare. To not report it is to be complicit. He was the only soldier in the chain of command to do the right thing, so that’s why we have to support him.”

But that’s hardly a reason to forbid Choi from attending the entire hearing. So far, the public affairs office at Fort Meade have not issued their side of the story. You probably shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for them to.

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  • Jeff

    Dan Choi doesn’t care about gay rights. All he cares about is getting his name out there and free publicity. He’s like the Jesse Jackson, Sr. of the gay world. Give me a break. Where there’s a camera or reporter, there’s Dan Choi.

  • Jeff

    Miss Choi, always the drama queen.

  • Spike

    Ms Choi has become so predictable, I wonder if he marks his calendar to remind himself when the next stunt must occur to remain relevant and at the head of the gay rights parade.

    Pretty much says it all when Rachel Maddox passes on the interview and he ends up on Olberman, whatever cable channel he is on these days.

  • Wow

    Did he rearrange his ribbons and medals to a rainbow for TV?

  • ben pin wang

    I am very proud of everything you do, Mr. Choi. You are a true People’s soldier. Not a politician’s or an establishment’s blind-follded soldier. And you don’t sell yourself like some politicians do so they can collect votes for a “second term”.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    Lots of Dan Choi haters. I’m just curious @Jeff, @Spike and @wow, what have you done in the fight for equality lately.

  • cele

    They’re so brave. And I have a crush on Dan Choi. lol

  • Kenny

    There’s nothing patriotic about arranging your medals in in a cute little rainbow.

  • Mike

    you’ re the man Dan. takes courage to stand up for those who have been eaten up by our system. any pansy can nake fun of choi from their keyboard

  • Wow

    It is ok to stumble into fame when fighting for gay rights. I applaud him and respect him for his courage. But now, it appears he is fighting for fame using gay rights.

  • Steve

    @Kenny: @Kenny: Umm what exactly is non patriotic about arranging his medals into a rainbow?

    I think it’s quite patriotic, the statement is pretty bold.

    I’m sure those meatheads targeted Choi because they recognized him and just wanted to harass a queer.

  • Nick

    Dan Choi bothers me on so many levels– he is an opportunist who focuses on doing things that will bring attention to Dan Choi and NOT to the larger issue. I loathe the fact that people take him seriously and constantly give him a soapbox to promote Dan Choi and _____ issue. The fact that there is a perception that Dan Choi is a catalyst for real change is mind-boggling to me…

  • Cam

    I see, that the HRC – Bots are on here first thing to attack Choi.

    Lord help ANYBODY who showed the world that HRC was doing nothing for gay rights.

    Since Jeff seems to think that Choi cares nothing about gay rights lets compare shall we?

    Dan Choi lost his job by coming out, and he aided in pressuring Congress, most especially Pelosi into forcing the DADT repeal through. Joe Solomnase on the other hand made around $300,000 and wrote a memo telling gays to sit down, shut up and not bother anybody until Obama was out of office. Multiple other employees of HRC make 6 figures and fought ANY other organizations that seemed to do ANYTHING for gay rights. For a while they tried to whisper that Choi had been declared mentally insane and was in an institution until they were busted at it. They tried to claim that Get Equal was taking payoffs etc.. and now apparently the narrative is to negate Choi by saying he only wants attention. That is EXACTLY the same line that the bigots in Mississippi used against the young lesbian Constance McMillion for wanting to go to her prom. Nice to see you’re all in SUCH good company.

    Oh yeah, we can REALLY see who cares about gay rights.

  • Jase

    Funny how something always seems to happen “to” Dan Choi to get him in the news

  • Jeff

    Cam I don’t like the HRC, I don’t support them, and I’ve never donated any cash to them so I’m not an HRC bot. I have friends who actually were involved with ending DADT but they are not drama queens or media whores like Miss Choi is.

  • RomanHans

    I’m with Timmmeeeyyy. What a bunch of assholes here! Honestly, criticizing somebody who DOES TOO MUCH? Here’s the rule: first criticize the folks who do NOTHING for us. You know, like 99% of all politicians, 99% of all celebrities, and 99% of the folks in the military.

  • Jeff

    Dan Choi doesn’t actually do anything at all except cause drama, get attention for himself, and let’s not forget he’s Conservative and supports the Republican party.

  • Nick

    @RomanHans: “criticizing somebody who DOES TOO MUCH?” Anyone who reads beyond the headlines and has a basic understanding of psychology would come to the conclusion that Dan Choi only does things to promote Dan Choi.

    Dan Choi is the epitome of the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Attention Whore: Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that they will do anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter.

    A few quick examples which make him nothing more than an Attention Whore with these “Look at ME” moments:
    – His stunt at the Manning Hearing.
    – Throwing on his old uniform as fast as possible, racing to the White House and making sure he was in front of a camera after Bin Laden’s death was announced.
    – Chaining himself to the White House fence

    Never gives focus to the issues, Never without a “Look at ME” moment.

  • Cam

    @Jeff: said…

    ” I have friends who actually were involved with ending DADT but they are not drama queens or media whores like Miss Choi is.”

    No, actually you are a liar.

    1. You didn’t have friends that were involved in the ending of DADT unless you’re hanging out with Pelosi Get Equal, or yes…Choi.

    2. He lost his job, and put a public face on the military policy. Places like CNN USED to have anti-gay folks on whenever they needed somebody to talk about gay rights. But after they got to know Choi they would call him instead. He was able to shut Maggie Gallagher up on shows…why? Because they INVITED HIM.

    Your big problem seems to be that he gets attention. And I will repeat again. THAT is the EXACT same attack that the bigots in Mississippi used to attack the gay kids who wanted to attend the prom.

    You have posted multiple attacks against him on here, sorry but that isn’t somebody who just happens to not like him. That is somebody with an agenda.

  • rick

    Drama and Dan Choi. Whodathunkit?

  • Jeff

    I don’t have an agenda but when someone is being a fame whore, media whore, or drama queen like Choi I will call them out on it. Yes I do have friends who were involved with ending DADT and Get Equal. I don’t care that Ms. Choi gets attention, he can be a drama queen, fame whore, and media whore all he wants but for the most part LGBT people-including here just read the comments in this blog entry and whenever his name comes up here or on other sites-are sick and tired of Choi and how he’s nothing but a media whore, fame whore, and he did not end DADT and he’s not for LGBT rights or equality at all. I’m not a Republican but yes Choi does do things solely for attention even if it’s negative attention or to get his name in the press or media somehow. This has nothing to do with the lesbians who wanted to go to a prom in Mississippi so stop bringing up that fallacy of a straw man.

  • ewe

    oh my. all this during the Bummer’s administrative reign? Surprise surprise. Any of you demoncant repuglykunt ping pong playing doldrums ready to open up your eyes?

  • Jeff

    Thank you ewe. I’m glad someone else besides the people who don’t like how Ms. Choi is a drama queen and media whore knows what he’s all about.

  • ewe

    @Jeff: what is it about everything you just said that has anything to do with attending a hearing?

  • Jeff

    Because it makes perfect sense that Choi the drama queen and media whore would get himself arrested on purpose when he’s told he can’t attend a hearing or trial.

  • Joetx

    I admire what Dan Choi has done. And I think he has been sincere in his actions.

    The fact that many here criticize him says a lot about the lack of integrity of many ‘mos.

  • ewe

    I am confused as to why anyone would put down someone who exercises their right to observe the administration of justice? WHAT UP WIT DAT????

  • RVH

    Anyone criticizing Dan Choi for his actions here, as well as for everything else he has done for the gay community, is a coward, pure and simple.

  • Elmwoodmac

    Jeff what’s the deal, did Dan snub your advances at a White Party or something? Why so hostile towards this guy, just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  • liquid

    @Steve: @Kenny: @Wow: He didn’t arrange anything any differently than anyone else with the same commendations would have. The Army Regulations as concerns Uniform and Insignia gives specific rules as to how you are supposed to display anything. If you’d care to, you can look it up here: http://www.apd.army.mil/pdffiles/r670_1.pdf (the relevent material begins at page 266) but if you’d rather not dig through a long pdf, here is a summary, in brief-medals and service stripes are arranged by order of precedence, from highest to lowest, with each major category being further subdivided by type of award. Choi didn’t “arrange his ribbons and medals into a rainbow” to be cutesy, to make a statement,or to provoke a response-he was following regulations to the letter.

  • Chadboy

    Choi needs the spotlight so that he can remain relevant to make big dollars on speaking engagements. I’m sure with DADT gone he needs the spotlight to promote himself so that he still gets the lucrative offers. He is no different than a Kardashian. Since DADT has been repealed and Choi loves to wear the uniform anytime a camera crew is around then why doesn’t he go back into the military. If the service meant so much to him then why not serve?

    Before you attack me my father and brother both served 20 years each so don’t yammer on about not understanding the military.

  • Kurt

    Wasn’t Dan Choi supposed to have reenlisted into the military again since DADT has been abolished? Dan Choi has not done anything for the LGBT community except be a total drama queen and now a media whore who wants to take complete credit for getting DADT abolished when he did not do anything at all and there have been countless LGBT people before him who did all the work he takes credit for.

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