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Dan Choi: ‘This Survey Is Absolutely Heinous’

It sure was a gay day on MSNBC today. Daytime anchor Contessa Brewer, who’s hosting Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign party this month, was as blunt as she could be about her thoughts on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the survey going out to troops (“It is a civil rights issue…Is it time for our American leaders to stand up for what’s right and no matter what public opinion polls say to have the leadership and the courage to take a stand on it?”). And then Chris Jansing welcomed Lt. Dan Choi.

Says Choi: “This survey is absolutely heinous. It is an absolute insult. It’s embarrassing. In history, future generations are gonna look back at us and say, ‘In 2010, can you believe we spent almost $5 million putting out this survey?'”