Dan Choi’s Hunger Strike Isn’t Going to End Well

Bless their hearts. Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. James Pietrangelo, who are fond of chaining themselves to the White House fence, have announced they’re going on a hunger strike until Obama meets a trio of demands: end the Pentagon’s DADT review; shut down DADT discharges for good; insert a non-discrimination policy into military code. That’s a pretty severe wish list!

The hunger strike begins “immediately following congressional mark-ups on the National Defense Authorization Act 2011,” which is, like, today and stuff. It ends when … Obama and Congress meet their demands?

We love ourselves some civil disobedience, but from the evidence this week about how the DADT is (unceremoniously) moving forward, either Choi and Pietrangelo are going to die trying, or their hunger strike will end prematurely, and long before gays can actually serve openly in the military. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t embark on their carb-free diet! But maybe some vitaminwater10 would be a good idea? Just to keep up the electrolytes?