Dan Choi’s Lawyers Are Not So Skilled At Courtroom Procedure

When Obama filed unusually harsh federal charges against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” protester Dan Choi for chaining himself to the White House fence, Choi’s lawyers argued that the president sought to make an example of Choi by singling him out for “vindictive prosecution.” But they made this argument during the trial rather than before it like they should have.

So while the prosecution filed a “Writ of Mandamus” urging to court to deny the tardy defense, Choi’s lawyer’s tried making their case by comparing Obama to Richard Nixon. Turns out that strategy didn’t work so well.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth denied the late entry of a “vindictive prosecution” defense, effectively removing one Choi’s strongest defenses against Obama’s denying Choi’s right to free speech.

Ominously, at least one LGBT journalist has suggested that Obama’s charges against Choi may be part of a larger government move to gradually increase harsher penalties against all peaceful protesters in an attempt to silence dissidence against other unpopular government policies.