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Dan Choi’s Message From the Future: Did You Wait For Your Rights?

Just in case you need a little something positive coming out of Maine, here’s Lt. Dan Choi speaking at a “we may have lost the battle, but not the war” rally after Tuesday’s election results. Choi, who is already getting shit from Gay Inc. about rising up the activists ranks too quickly, may start receiving more: He was originally a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal advocate, and now he wants to be a marriage advocate too?

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  • Fitz

    I don’t need to take that shit from someone who identifies as a christian.

  • Attmay

    Funny, I saw nothing in that video that qualifies as “shit”.

    Well, the camerawork left something to be desired.

  • Mark Philly

    I’m so tired of people screaming and being angry. It doesn’t work. Sit down. Be quiet. And, think.

    We need new ideas, not more anger.

  • utahime


    I guess the opinions of people like Helen Keller, Cornel West, and Dorothy Day are equally as worthless as Lt. Choi’s.

    Your brilliance is so illuminating in comparison!!

  • j

    @Utahime Word.

  • Fitz

    Christians are evil, and they are trying to destroy our family values. The only way to approach a christian is with a lion.

  • Vo Dong Cung

    To Fitz,

    If you don’t like Christians you should go back to the Bible and ask: Why their God did not create alot of boys and alot of girls but only one Adam and one Eve? Did God want human being doing sex within family members? How good are the Holly Bible will be seen.

  • Tommy

    @Mark Philly: A calm approach got us to where we are now, accepting civil rights handouts by the courts.

    An angry approach won’t get us anywhere productive…

    So what we need is an impassioned, directed approach. And until someone can find that perfect formula to help bring that about, we’ll be stuck in a quagmire.

    When the majority of us would rather go to a club than a rally, would rather solicit bjs than votes, then we’ve got problems. And that’s the first priority we need to fix.

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