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Dan Levy is proving the world is ready for gay intimacy on TV

Still from season 5 trailer of "Schitt's Creek"

“As a gay person to tell these stories and to have no questions asked and no notes from network and to feel completely uninhibited in saying, ‘This is a gay couple on TV; they’re going to kiss like any straight couple would’ — it’s amazing. Gay relationships have historically not been treated the same as straight relationships. You don’t see the same kind of sexuality, intimacy, kissing, because it’s been considered taboo or headline-grabbing for so long. I love that we’ve been able to just tell a relationship as it is, as it exists, for me, for my friends, for people I know, for people out in the world, that doesn’t come with a lesson to be learned. It’s just two people loving each other.”Dan Levy, co-creator and star of the hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek, in an interview with The Star.

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