Dan Savage Can’t Believe Anyone Pays The ‘Gay Quislings’ At GOProud Any Attention

With GOProud — a conservative front group headed up by fantasyland homosexuals — once again forcing itself upon CPAC, the conference’s stable of hate groups like the Family Research Council and Concerned Women For America are dropping out. Sads! But really, who gives two craps about what GOProud thinks, Dan Savage told MSNBC viewers last night. “GOProud isn’t a pro-gay rights organization. They’re an organization of gay quislings and useful idiots that help to window dress the Republican party, which is still rabidly anti-gay to its core … that allows them to appeal to moderates and perhaps independents as being less bigoted than the Republican party, in its current incarnation, currently is.” Sadly, GOProud’s Twitter account has remained silent on the harshness. How else will we know what color today’s drapes are?

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    Finally the GOProud have done some good for the Gay community! Causing all the hate orgs to toss such a hissy fit they are refusing to attend the rightwing nutbag hatefest………..

  • justiceontherocks

    He’s right that no one should pay attention to them. So why does he?

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Because he was, er, asked about them?

  • Idi Amin Dada

    “Gay quislings”. LOL Love it.

  • Kev

    Dan Savage supports GetEQUAL – you should, too. Donate today!

  • Screaming Queen

    yeah well, the GOProuders aside, NOBODY in Seattle’s gay community can believe anybody listens to this zealot anymore. He’s a progressive hypocrite with the typical victim mentality that bitter queens his age display. The “It Get’s Better” was an EXCELLENT project, and redeemed some of his credibility…..but then he let every schmuck looking for votes in November and a dozen other media whores co-opt that crap for their own benefit. The whole thing has turned into a joke almost as big as the one bestowed on Seattle’s gay community that we all call “Miss Savage”.

    His hypocrite double standards are beneath most drinking aged adults, but bless his little heart, he just keeps running up that hill of self depreciation totally unaware of his diminished credibility. It’s really kind of amusing to watch someone so sure of themselves being such an ignorant douchebag. Seattlites know what a bully Miss Savage really is, biggest one in Seattle, but don’t you dare call him out on it or you’re a self hating homo without any sense of community. Do some digging, Dan has made enemies all over Seattle’s Capitol Hill, but many are afraid to stand up to our resident bully because he still has some pull in this town with people that should know better and the younger group that actually believe he’s a crusader for gay rights. I’ve seen him more passionate about the right to have unprotected sex than I’ve ever seen him about REAL gay rights. I’m tired of the fremdscham this queen generates on a monthly basis.

    “Opportunistic Progressive Quisling” pretty much sums up Miss Savage.

    The fact “The Stranger” backed Pro-Illegal Patty Murray for Senator this year without one word from Dan told me I could never trust him again, he’s always going to side with the gay left even if it hurts our community. Patty spent waaaaaay more time working on the SCHEME Act than gay rights in the last 18 years, but that didn’t seem to bother Dan. In October when 21 Senators sent the letter to Obama urging him to overturn DADT, neither Patty nor Maria were on that list. Again, not a word from Dan, apparently he also agreed that Patty’s election could be hurt by supporting us so he quietly went along to get along. She was behind Dino Rossi in the polls at that point, and still didn’t support the gay community, tsk tsk tsk!

    I’d like to try having REAL gay rights activists and role models that always stand up for us even when it’s unpopular, Dan doesn’t meet that standard by any measure. He may have done some good things in the past, but he’s been a pimple on the butt of my gay agenda for the last twenty years, it’s time for him to take a bow and let someone else have a turn so “it can get better” ;0)

    As for the GOProuders, treating them like runaway slaves isn’t going to get them back on the gayploitation plantation. Maybe they’re making a mistake, maybe they’ll learn from making that mistake, or maybe, just maybe, they’ll break down some of the bigotry on the right, which might be a good thing. Until I see them persecute their fellow gays for political gain I have no problem with them, and I can’t say that about Democrats. Demonizing this group isn’t good for any of us, did anybody learn anything from the Tea Party fiasco?

  • justiceontherocks

    @John from England – when you go on an interview program, you get advised of the topics in advance. He chose to be asked about these irrelevant airheads.

    Speaking of irrelevant airheads, I will now cease paying any attention to you.

  • Daez

    I think what many of you fail to grasp is that GOProud is almost completely behind DADT repeal. The Democrats had 17 years to get it done (and they passed the policy in the first place) and yet they couldn’t. It took the help if 7 Republican Senators to get it done, and those Senators didn’t vote for it because the Democrats asked them to. They did so because of the appeals of GOProud.

  • Owen

    Screaming Queen doesn’t list one real reason why Dan Savage is a hypocrite, just a lot of rhetoric.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    You hurt my feelings. Good luck in your make believe [email protected]Daez:

    GOproud said didn’t think DADT should be repealed until we sorted out the economy.

    Me confused.

    Did they or did they not say that Conservatives should be wasting their time on SOCIAL issues but be CONCENTRATING in the economy? Hence why they were THRILLED about the GOP holding the Dems to ransom about Bush tax cuts to the rich???

    We barely have a middle party in the UK, which I am part of because I don’t believe in ideologies but fairness and reality.

    This is why you right wingers or lefties are such emotional nut cases. Call a spade a spade.

    And re DADT, I am shocked that the guy who helped Clinton out this forward had a father who though being gay was an illness. How the eff did this happen?

    Why did DADT happen? America is historically right wing. So the right will always be in power socially and economically. Bush effed it up for 8 years but yet the right think he shouldve stayed and Obama is the anti-Christ.


  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)

    @Screaming Queen:

    Hmm, I never liked Dan because he was too Conservative and therefore judgemental but he has redeemed himself in my books.

    I guess you guys will honestly become more like us in the UK with people like Andrew Price from the Daily Mail being taken seriously.

  • jason

    While I am concerned about some aspects of GOProud, I”m also concerned about the Democratic Party. Let’s get this straight: if it wasn’t for our activism here at Queerty and other sites, we would never have succeeded in repealing DADT. WE did it, folks. The Democrats were dragging their feet and verging on abandoning us until we threatened to take our votes elsewhere. It was our willingness to vote for another party that got them scared.

  • PatrickB

    Savage is right. Although Democrats have been slow to improve the legal standing of gays, Republicans have blocked change at every turn. At the federal level, _NO_ pro-gay legislation has moved forward as long as the Republicans controlled at least one of the Senate, House, or Presidency. “Moderate” Republicans pledge to support gay rights, but, when elected, support their homophobic leadership. In fact, only two (Brown & Collins) voted to allow the vote on repeal of DADT. The other five only voted for it when it was clear it would pass, so don’t excuse them.

    **A vote for the GOP, even for a so-called moderate, is a vote against the gays.**

    @Screaming Queen: Please don’t slander a path to citizenship for people who were brought here as children. If you pay attention to the right-wing rhetoric, you’d know that gays and Mexicans are in the same boat.

  • Savage Who?

    Tell me again why should anyone give a shit about what that Savage guy thinks?

  • Tallskin

    Oh Daez is a republican!

    I live in England but even from this distance I can feel the hate emanating from the republicans towards gays.

    That is to say Democrats wishy washy and a necessary evil – you have to hold your nose here, but sometimes they deliver.

    That is to say Republicans EVIL, toxic, malicious, wicked. A thoroughly bad lot of evil, horrible, irrational, scumbags.

  • dvd

    @Savage Who?:

    He’s called a pundit. There’s lots of them everywhere. People are invited to go to the media and discuss an array of topics, giving personal views, often with facts or opinions attached. It’s up to you to give a shit or not give a shit.

  • MissLaWandaIsBack

    Who appointed Dan Savage spokesperson of America’s gay people? He sure does not represent me!!! This is sooo racist.

  • whatever

    @Screaming Queen: oh look another racist homo. nice.

  • randy

    Daez, you are wrong. It was NOT GOProud that filed the cases against DADT. It was the Log Cabin Republicans, a totally different organization.

    GOProud is the one that hosted a fundraiser in NYC with Ann Coulter, who told everyone there that gays shouldn’t have any rights.

  • ewe

    uh dan: the democratic party is also bigoted if you care to observe the truth about their leadership perspective on same sex marriage. That is “rabidly” anti gay. John McCain says he is against same sex marriage while Barack Obama, our president, says he is evolving. I consider both of them the “anti gay folks” as you say. I wish Dan Savage would stop being so partisan. We would get a lot further a lot quicker.

  • scribe

    @Daez: Any homo voting for the repubicans is voting against his own people. This is the group of people who wanted to change the constitution of the U.S. to keep gays from getting married, not because they thought they had the votes, but to win the 2000 election. The republican beat the dems ass, by saying how bad gay people are. Dick “Lets go to War” threw his own child under the bus to get elected. John mccain mister moderate damn near cried on the senate floor to stop the repeal of dadt. WAke the fuck up dude. They don’t want you in their PARTY. Yes 8 repubs (out of 40 or so) voted for the repeal, but thats far from a party that supports us. Any mexican, black, or gay voting for this party is slicing their own throat.

  • scribe

    @ewe: Did you not see the performance of Mccain on the floor during DADT???? WTF If he was in the white House he would not have signed the bill. If you like the repubs cause your a rich white dude, who has enough cash not to worry about how gays are treated fine, just say that, but PLEASE DO NOT PRETEND THAT THEY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT GAY PEOPLE, BUSH RAPED US IN 2000, MCCAIN FOUGHT AGAINST US IN 2010, RON REGAN DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GAYS DIEING OF AIDS. Remember the repub outrage at the surpreme court over overturning texas gay sex law, screaming that it was a State’s rights to control sexual rights of its people. Yeah ewe vote republican, kkk, and what ever else you want.

  • scribe

    @Tallskin: love you

  • ewe

    If if if if if. If yourself all day long if you want. I am not a repuglycunt just because i criticize the demoncants. Your insinuation that i am remotely for any right wing political party is so off base and completely in your own head. Who the fuck ever said vote republican? Read my comments. You’re twisted. I am not interested in either. Get over it. Your insistence on clinging to duality is small and self defeating. Wake up Ms.yingyang. This volleyball match has been goin on for centuries. Do you have any idea what choice means?

  • ewe

    @scribe: yes no right wrong on off black white man woman cock pussy. Democrats or Republicans. GROW UP Scribe.

  • PatrickB

    @scribe: I say this to my gays whenever they say Reagan wasn’t so bad. I also smack them.

  • ewe

    @scribe: yes no right wrong on off black white gay straight man woman cock cunt. Democrats or Republicans. Grow up Scribe. your dogma is silly.

  • GOProud Homocon

    There will be no advances in gay rights legislation until Republicans support it. Period.

    DADT passed only because 8 GOP Senators voted for it, not because any of you whined on blogs or handcuffed yourself to White House fence. GOProud and LCR did more to move their votes, than any of you, by making gays acceptable within Republican Party.

    That Savage guy with his bigoted statements about Republicans just set us back in time. It is the second decade of 21st century, moron, time to get over your bigotry against GOP.

  • justiceontherocks

    @GOProud Homocon; You mean the GOP that is the party of the new speaker of the house who is in bed with the Family Research Council? With the party chairman who vows to fight for a constitutional amendment against equal marriage? And they do this in the second decade of the 21st century?

    You have some nerve to call anyone else a moron.

  • PatrickB

    @GOProud Homocon: Only Collins and Brown voted to allow a vote on DADT. That’s two, not eight. The ONLY reason they flipped is because liberals have a presence in Maine and Massachusetts, not GOPround’s showing the GOP how self-loathing we can be. One the other hand, if either of those two had been the 51st Senator needed to make McConnell the majority leader, DADT wound NOT have been repealed. Don’t kid yourself.

    And ‘bigrotry’?! Against some rich, heterosexual, white men? Really? Please, look up the word. Pointing this out is not bigotry against the GOP… It’s just observing the Senate since 1994.

    Maybe if GETEqual had kicked up more sand, Senator Reid would have found a creative way to pass repeal with 51 votes, ala the Bush tax cuts. I mean, repeal saves money from firing already trained soldiers, so maybe reconciliation? The parliamentarian (who decides these things) serves at the sole discretion of the majority leader, so Reid could make it happen if he really wanted. The public wouldn’t care, since they already overwhelmingly support repeal.

  • GOProud Homocon

    @justiceontherocks: Have fun on your Demonrat plantation!

  • justiceontherocks

    @GoInShameHomoCon: I’m not a Democrat. I am still waiting to see any evidence at all that your organization, which appears to be a one man band in need of a nose job, influenced even a single DADT vote.

    I suspect we’ll be waiting a long time.

  • adman

    @Owen: News flash: Screaming Queen is a person in a self-aggrandizing stage of life who has had a psychotic break in the meantime. She’s everything she despises, and revels in giving us detailed descriptions of the inner workings of her broken head. I short, SQ is leaning libertarian, since it suits her. I am hoping to provoke a campy gay apologia of Ron Paul and his philosophy by posting this, but don’t tell her.

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