Dan Savage Can’t Believe Anyone Pays The ‘Gay Quislings’ At GOProud Any Attention

With GOProud — a conservative front group headed up by fantasyland homosexuals — once again forcing itself upon CPAC, the conference’s stable of hate groups like the Family Research Council and Concerned Women For America are dropping out. Sads! But really, who gives two craps about what GOProud thinks, Dan Savage told MSNBC viewers last night. “GOProud isn’t a pro-gay rights organization. They’re an organization of gay quislings and useful idiots that help to window dress the Republican party, which is still rabidly anti-gay to its core … that allows them to appeal to moderates and perhaps independents as being less bigoted than the Republican party, in its current incarnation, currently is.” Sadly, GOProud’s Twitter account has remained silent on the harshness. How else will we know what color today’s drapes are?

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