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Dan Savage Challenges Stephen Colbert To Speak Directly To Gheys

“What we haven’t seen are any are any Republican elected officials or high profile conservative pundits,” Dan Savage tells Stephen Colbert about his Internet video hobby. But what about a fake conservative pundit? Colbert is on board.

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  • AndrewW

    Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” Campaign has done more for LGBT equality than everything the LGBT Advocacy Industry has, plus it only cost $10,000. (For reference, GetEQUAL has wasted $700,000).

    Our challenge is educating, enlightening and enrolling support. That isn’t about calling, emailing or faxing politicians or engaging in childish publicity stunts – it is about creating effective conversations.

    Congratulations to Dan for his efforts. We make progress when people understand us. That is accomplished with conversation, not confrontation.

  • Jaroslaw

    Dan is amazing; this campaign is brilliant. I can’t imagine watching such a thing on TV when I was a teen in the 70’s but wish there was such a thing.

  • Cam

    Our effort isn’t about creating effective conversations’s about getting our rights.

    Get Equal has gotten congress to take up the issue of DADT, period. They did sit in’s in Pelosi’s offices in San Fransico, this scared her into introducing the legislation over the White House objections, now the legislation will most likely be introduced during the lame duck session and hopefully passed.

    You can mock them, but $700,000 to actually get votes on Federal discrimination laws is a hell of a lot better than the several hundred million HRC has wasted with no results.

    Efforts like Dan Savages are fantastic, but they are more helpful for the mindset of the country and people trying to live their lives free of the day to day discrimination. Dismissing the group that has gotten the federal govt. to grudgingly vote for our rights is just silly.

  • Cam


    No Kidding! I wish Schoolhouse Rock had a segment like that!!

  • AndrewW

    @Cam: The Congress began the process of repealing DADT six months before GetEQUAL was even formed. None of their childish stunts did anything to encourage the Congress to work towards repeal. It is delusional to make that assertion.

    They wasted $700,000. Your suggestion that they got “votes on Federal discrimination laws” is as crazy as their publicity stunts and hunger strikes. PLEASE, tell us WHICH votes they got?

  • Cam


    The Obama Administration said beyond a shadow of a doubt that there would be no DADT repeal voted on that year. Barney Frank and the usual suspects jumped in to support him. rep Alcey Hastings introduced a gay rights bill and was pressured by the White House to pull it.

    The Bill was written and going nowhere, it was only after the sit-in’s at Pelosi’s office that she jumped in to push the bill through to a vote.


    Dan Piggage is a fraud and a BULLY himself. Only in the mainstream media will he get press, the rest of us in the real world know he is the biggest joke going.

    Only dumb Liberals jump on idiot bandwagons.

  • Cam


    Well I’m certain that your eloquent and well written post will convince everybody.

  • Chris

    The campaign is all feel good. It doesn’t change minds and it is little comfort to tell people that one day it magically gets better. Kids need actual support, not well off celebs posting two minute videos.

    As for Dan, he can go back to telling us that bi guys don’t exist.

  • Adam

    I love Dan Savage. He’s arguing for a gay identity that isn’t defined by the left or the right.

  • Jaroslaw

    Chris – What do you suggest for “actual support?” Your post is a bit thin on the details. You must have missed my post where I was 14, living on the farm, feeling like I was the only “fag” out there. A public service announcement on TV would have helped a lot. There was nothing. TV announcement will not solve all the problems but it will help a lot, where AGAIN, in so many rural/and/or conservative areas there was nothing.

  • Jaroslaw

    #7 care to back up your claims with proof?

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