Dan Savage “Worse Than Westboro,” Should “Fly With Church To Iraq” Rants Conservative Vlogger

safe_imageWorld Net Daily video columnist Molotov Mitchell (yeah we’d never heard of him before this either) has employed some creative logic to come to these conclusions: Dan Savage is worse than the Westboro Baptist Church, and he should fly with the church to Iraq to protest ISIS.

How did Mitchell and his Final Cut Pro filters arrive at these entirely off-putting statements?

Well as only seems fitting given the absurdity, it all starts with the death of Robin Williams.

Westboro announced plans to picket Williams’ funeral, because they are horrible. No surprise there.

Natually, this pissed a lot of people off, including British TV comedian Adam Hills, who had this to say:

“If you really believe in standing up to those threatening the Christian way of life,” Hills said on his show The Last Leg, “how about putting your money where your mouth is, taking a direct flight to Iraq and picketing the people threatening to behead Christians if they don’t convert?”

He then went on to offer to pick up the tab for their first class airfare to Baghdad.

Westboro has apparently accepted his offer, though details are scarce on whether or not they’re really going.

And that’s the farcical backstory which prompted Molotov to go on an unprovoked rant about Dan Savage, using cutesy animation and annoying background music to mask the totally absurd assertion that “all Dan Savage has done is complain about how oppressive America is towards gays,” and that he should put his money where his mouth is by joining Westboro in Iraq to protest their treatment of gay people.

The first tipoff of the crazy train is the production company that made the video, called “Illuminati Pictures.” For the record, Molotov is its president.

“We all know Dan Savage would never do that. He’s not a good enough person to do that,” he says. “The Westboros may be mean, they may be terrible — but they’re still better than Dan Savage.”

Here’s the bizarre video, which is a few thousand dollars of production value away from basically being this guy:

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  • ted72

    Dan Savage has been an advocate for LGBT for more than 30 years. He’s been providing sex advice to hetero and homosexual single and couples for the same amount of time.

    This guy’s a moron and knows not what spews out of his mouth. Makes you want to slap him.

  • Caine

    Dan Savage is a pretty big self-important d-bag.
    I have had such strong dislike for him for years.
    I LOL’s when I read this. Is that wrong?

  • TrueWords

    Dan has said some PRETTY AWFUL things…not a fan…I can think for myself and will continue to do so…

  • gskorich

    when is the press going to stop giving a platform to these people who money off of hating gays? you yourself say you have never heard of this guy so why give him any attention. its time the gay community took their image back and stopped letting these haters get the last word

  • kodi_kanuck

    I like Dan Savage. He makes people think and at times plays the devil’s advocate. He is confident and can stand up to the religious right wing homophobes and causes them so much discomfort. That is why they want him to go. That being said, Westboro Baptist gay haters were offered a trip and paid for to protest. They accepted the trip. Is the man who is suggesting Dan go offering to pay for his trip? And if Dan wishes not to go that is his choice. By offering to send him to Iraq, this man is suggesting that Savage, a normal US citizen be stoned to death. That is the hidden message. Remember Jesus loved gays, Christians don’t.

  • inbama

    Nah, every public figure who stands up for gay people should be told to go to Iraq and be beheaded by ISIS.
    Absolutely hilarious!


    I don’t get how he connected that. Just a short circuited brain I guess.

  • Professor Fate

    Dan savage is a pompous ass whose only mission is to promote Dan.

    How’s your phony Stoli Boycott going, Dan??

  • DarkZephyr

    @Professor Fate: So that means support the words of a douche with a history of extreme homophobia? Gotcha.

  • Saint Law

    @Professor Fate: And how is your…I’m sorry who are you again?

  • Jacob23

    Right wing thugs wish physical harm on Dan Savage. Trans activists wish harm on Dan Savage. Trans activists have gone a step further and attempted to inflict physical harm on Dan Savage. So I would say that trans activists are worse than Molotov Mitchell.

    Unfortunately, while Savage boldly fights against thugs and bigots like Mitchell, he tries to appease and apologize to trans activists thugs. And you can never win by appeasing thugs.

  • ontheupandup

    This Molotov person is just a silly right-wing, bigoted birther type. His words against anyone in the gay community don’t even register. Why would Queerty bother to give him even a modicum of press?

    What I find even more disturbing is the degree to which fellow gays bash Dan Savage. You don’t have to like everything he says or does, but show him some f**king respect; he’s done A LOT of good deeds in his time, from the It Gets Better project (no it’s not a perfect program, but when’s the last time YOU started a movement that likely prevented countless teenage suicides??) to nailing nutjobs like Santorum against the wall of the internet to exposing gays and straights to all manner of sexual enlightenment since the early ’90s with eloquence and wit. I have always admired him, whatever his alleged self-aggrandizing motives may be (which I think are pretty much nil).

    And I’m also personally thankful to his hubby for getting buffed out and letting out his inner 13-year-old girl in terms of the nonstop, underwear-hocking selfies on Instagram. What’s there to complain about??

  • Wolfwalk

    It is my belief that when the Weekly World News ceased print publication a few years ago(remember Bat Boy and Hitler helping Saddam Hussein during the 1st Gulf War?) they morphed into World Net Daily on the Internet. Sheer nonsense and bile for the most part, to be taken with equal amounts of grains of salt and a shot or two of one’s favorite libation.

  • falsoanszza

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  • sammount

    Lol if we’re thinking of the same Adam Hills then he’s from Sydney Australia

  • Jim Guinnessey

    Hard to figure out Molotov’s anti-Dan Savage rants! Perhaps his distaste of Dan Savage may have some personal meaning? Did Dan reject him or poke fun at him sometime recently? Something Savage said recently that pissed off Molotov? This Molotov guy seems very gay himself.

  • onthemark

    @fagburn: Actually I can imagine Dan being brave enough to go to Iraq and fling insults at ISIS or whatever religious Muslims he found annoying (i.e. all of them).

    Of course, he would want to be surrounded by U.S. military “advisers” at all times! But I doubt they’d like that idea.

  • Professor Fate

    @DarkZephyr: Did I say that? Nope.

  • Xzamilio

    @Professor Fate: Don’t mind @DarkZephyr… he has a penchant for the hyperbole and jumping to conclusions. And professional victimhood… you’ll find out.

  • wpewen

    Let’s see, Dan Savage. Never heard him talk, know some things he says are asinine. Photo: good looking, well built, masculine.
    Know that he gives advice to people. Seem like what used to be called an “A” Gay.
    More around these days. Seems a little self absorbed. I’d put him with the guy who played Will (Will and Grace). Don’t know his name.
    Tall,urban,thin,white. Marketing boys, marketing….

  • edwardnvirginia

    So, dear queer people WHY AREN’T YOU using the tons and tons of money you spend on Fire Island, Provincetown, Ft Lauderdale, etc trips, and the tons and tons of money you spend on parties, and the tons and tons of money you spend on materialism … and all the time that takes … on improving the lives of queers in oppressive countries, and how about the queers living in poverty right here in the US? That is the underlying moral argument that the bloggers here seem intent NOT to answer. Why is that?

  • wpewen

    Look, the gay male community in the U.S. has evolved into where it was always headed. Lots of guys setting up house and living good lives without harassment and lots of those guys before (or after) settling down leading fairly hedonistic lives. Some gay men are quite altruistic, although I’ve found at 56 years old many are not, not because I’m some “old troll” lol, but just observing. My advice is just ignore that side of the community (Fire Island, et al.) Its a shallow, kinda dumb scene.

    • edwardnvirginia

      @Jim Guinnessey: AND, if the person who is underneath the ‘character Molotov Mitchel’ were gay – if the ‘character Molotov Mithcell’ were were – his critique would be the same.

  • inbama

    @wpewen: Why would a trait for attraction to one’s own sex be coupled with altruism?

  • DickieJohnson

    @edwardnvirginia: YOU GO, Ed!!! It’s because American [email protected], in particular, are probably the most self-centered population of @ssh0les in the history of civilization, as a whole. Of course, there are wonderful exceptions, such as those who adopt children who need love. Thankfully, having attained *retirement age*, their association is no longer a need for me.

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