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Dan Savage’s ‘It Gets Better Project’ Now Too Sexy For Schools

Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project is a success! In less than three weeks it’s caught the attention of most major media outlets, the MTV set, and celebrities. And you know things are working when The Gays are already bitching about it. But now Dan is deluged by media requests — and the decentralized nature of the project, where anyone can upload a video aimed at queer youth, means even porn stars can get involved.

Savage said he is thrilled by the volume and diversity of the contributions. But the project is already feeling growing pains. The writer has been contacted by school administrators, who are hesitant to use the site as a teaching tool because a few videos have a risque tone or contain sexual themes. Among other contributors, transsexual adult film star Buck Angel contributes a very touching (and arguably PG-rated) segment.

On the other hand you’ve got porn stars like Brent Corrigan trashing the project, so doesn’t it all even out?

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