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Dana Olmert Hates Homo-Hating Haredim

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert‘s lesbian daughter isn’t having Haredim protests against Jerusalem pride.
Dana Olmert insists people should worry more about basic rights, rather than harping on Jerusalem’s holiness:

The question of ‘Why in Jerusalem?’ is like asking why we need to give people voting rights,” she said in an interview with Army Radio. “The Gay Pride Parade is a political event. It’s an expression of political activism – you don’t ask permission to do it.

This sounds just shocking, and anyone who asks this question, I answer and tell them, ‘I’m sorry, I have nothing to say to you.

While we’d usually encourage dialogue, we must agree with Olmert on this one. If these backward fucks can’t comprehend the concept of civil rights, it’s really not worth it.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski keeps saying how much he opposes the parade:

The Jerusalem municipality’s management regards this parade as a severe provocation, harmful to the delicate balance between the different interests of the city’s various population groups. The city’s management therefore calls upon the court to cancel the parade and prevent violence.

The High Court, however, continues to toss aside petitions against pride. Police are anticipating protests and have already arrested a number of Haredim. Haaretz reports:

Jerusalem police on Wednesday detained three men in their 20s who were suspected of preparing caltrops and planning to place them on the road during the Gay Pride parade.

Police also found 60 tires hidden in the Gilo neighborhood and suspect that residents were planning on burning them at the parade.

Let’s hope their preemptive efforts can quell the Haredim’s homo-hating plans.