Dancing Producer Explains Bass’ Straight Set-Up

Some gays are up in arms because Lance Bass won’t have a male partner on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. That’s understandable. Bass is, after all, of the homo persuasion.

Though aware of the outrage, Dancing producers said same-sex partners simply aren’t part of the show’s purview.

USA Dance [which governs dancing competitions] doesn’t have explicit rules against same-sex competitive couples…

“He happens to be gay, but that’s not why he’s on our show,” [senior producer Deena] Katz explained. “We’re not a dating show – although sometimes it ends up that way.”

Bass’ manager, Cindy Owen, said the network “never had the intention” of partnering her client with a man, adding “he’s very excited to have Lacey [Schwimmer] as a partner.”

Some people, like gay dancer Chuck Stewart, think ABC’s simply scared of anxious advertisers.

We absolutely agree.