“Dangerous” Seven-Year-Old Trans Girl Scout Drives Three LA Troop Leaders To Resign

This October, the Girl Scouts of Colorado released a statement saying that 7-year-old trans child Bobby Montoya could join a local troop. Now, in response three troop leaders affiliated with the Northlake Christian School in Covington, Louisiana, have resigned and dissolved their troops, calling the inclusive policy “extremely confusing” and “dangerous.”

Confusing and dangerous for whom exactly?

If a trans girl like Montoya goes camping with other girls, she might what—turn them trans? Teach them that trans people exist? Go on a murderous rampage? Puh-leeze.

If anything, these ex-troop leaders have confused the young girls under their care by dissolving their troops over something happening three states away. Since when are discrimination, quitting and running away Girl Scouts values? They’re hardly admirable traits in a woman of any age.