“Dangerous” Seven-Year-Old Trans Girl Scout Drives Three LA Troop Leaders To Resign

This October, the Girl Scouts of Colorado released a statement saying that 7-year-old trans child Bobby Montoya could join a local troop. Now, in response three troop leaders affiliated with the Northlake Christian School in Covington, Louisiana, have resigned and dissolved their troops, calling the inclusive policy “extremely confusing” and “dangerous.”

Confusing and dangerous for whom exactly?

If a trans girl like Montoya goes camping with other girls, she might what—turn them trans? Teach them that trans people exist? Go on a murderous rampage? Puh-leeze.

If anything, these ex-troop leaders have confused the young girls under their care by dissolving their troops over something happening three states away. Since when are discrimination, quitting and running away Girl Scouts values? They’re hardly admirable traits in a woman of any age.

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  • GayGOP

    What wonderful Christians.

  • DNK

    “Mommy, what happened to selling cookies and camping and having fun and learning stuff?”

    “It’s too confusing for me to explain, but you’re safe from dangerous evil! Here’s a bible, you’re never leaving the house again.”

    Makes sense to me :U

  • Pete n SFO

    The only time I ever won a Halloween Contest was when I attended my Boy Scout Troop party dressed as a Girl Scout, with my parents encouragement even!

    I know that drag is not trans, but it’s amusing to me.

  • NovaNardis

    It’s ironic, because Girl Scouts are actually not allowed to open units with Catholic churches (Catholic policy) because of their stance on birth control (it exists and girls should know about it). GSA is supposed to be the more progressive of the Scouting orgs.

    That said, I’ll admit I’m fairly ignorant when it comes to trans issues, and find myself being somewhat quizzical at the idea that a 7 year old identifies as her non-birth gender. Whatever. She seems earnest (Bobby that is) and if that is what makes her happy, everyone should be supportive. Adults can really suck sometimes.

  • rick

    I disagree with these parents insisting they need to have their “trans child” recognized as such at 7 years of age.

    I don’t think this particular issue was worth the political capital it costs the gay community.

  • Ashton cruz

    @rick: I’m with you on this one bud.

  • Miss Understood

    @rick: While I would question the judgement of parents who would conclude that a 7 year old is transgender, the most people outside the family can do is to be polite and accepting. People exhibit such disgusting behavior in reaction to gender non-conformity, it never ceases to shock me. Religion is once again used as an excuse for cruel behavior.

  • Hyacinthe

    @rick: What “political capital” exactly have ‘we’ lost?

  • unclemike

    @rick: It’s probably not the parents insisting the trans child be recognized as such, it’s the child herself. Most transgenders claim they knew from a very early age and I think the parents are simply asking people to honor how the girl is feeling, and to use her chosen pronouns, etc.

  • corvidae

    Can I ask why boy scouts and girl scouts are even separated? Don’t they both do the same things? Even if they don’t I bet some girls would want to do “boy’s things” and vice versa.
    Poor Bobbie.

  • Hyhybt

    @corvidae: Partly because they *are* separate organizations (in that sense, it’s like asking why Chrysler and Ford are separate) and partly to avoid their having to *use* their knowledge of birth control more often.

  • JayKay

    Seven years old.

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  • Sami

    I could never understand transgenders, gays or bis. But as a Christian, I try to live like Jesus. I accept everyone. Jesus LOVES everyone. Boy, girl, gay, bi, transgender. He ACCEPTS everyone. Not accepting this child is going against everything that Jesus taught when on this earth. This child is God’s child. How can you not accept God’s child? This child may be different in a way that could cause questions for other children and confusion but by not accepting this child it’s teaching children to not accept others just because they are different? This world is so full of ungrace.

  • the crustybastard

    Ah, yes. I remember quite well story of how Jesus went to Jerusalem on a donkey and discovered a trans boy was in a Girl Scout troop, and so he horsewhipped the little guy, driving him from the troop, while screaming, “You have turned my Girl Scouts into a tranny cabaret? Abomination! Unclean!”

    Jesus didn’t live and teach and die so that some little faggot kid could do whatever he wanted without being tormented, attacked and shunned by the faithful.

    Jesus lived, taught and died so the pious judgmental assholes — like the ones who executed him — could continue to be pious judgmental assholes, in His name.

    It’s so obvious.

  • Ethan

    @Rick – normally i might say something about how children know their genders by about the age of 3. So 7 is not outrageous. But since you were rude, go can fuck yourself you transphobic twat. :D

  • ATLien

    The young boy Bobby Montoya needs therapy, not to be told he doesn’t have a penis.

    I will never buy another girl scout cookie.

    Trannies make the whole gay/lesbian rights movement look stupid. Now, anyone with a sexual dysfunction can get on board a “rights” movement.

  • Mike UK

    The Girl Scouts are probably better off without these bigots!

  • Tristan

    @Miss Understood: The parents don’t conclude that their child is trans. Their kid does.

  • Ashley Buckingham

    You all are a bunch of assholes. I found this while looking online and couldn’t help but read it and it slightly pissed me off. To start with all of you supposedly oh so smart godly asswipes do you know how many transgender people are gay, bi, Les, whatever? Aboit five percent, the rest, normal straight guys. Transgenders are falsely grouped with the gay and bi people by all of the people who don’t even understand what it is to be transgender. Gay, bi, straight, are all sexual orientations, transgender, is a gender orientation, its what you believe your gender is, not what other humans you like. Also, agreeing with Ethan thank you for stating that most people decide on there gender by age 3 if not earlier. And for all of you that think that tranny and transgender are the same thing your all uneducated assholes, transgender is the name for wanting to live as the opposite sex, tranny and shemale are sexual pornographic names given to what you would call the transgendered porn models, there is no relation between them and a transgendered 7 year old. Also for all of you Jesus said this he said that people where does the bible or Jesus say anything against this huh? Another thing I want to mention is this is actually considered a medical condition, its not something the child chooses but rather something that is pre-natally set, sometimes caused by certain substances that can be introduced during development, sometimes from the mother diet. These kids don’t chose to be like this, its something that’s a part of them. Just like how you identify and feel like you fit your gender, they feel the same way aboit what they believe there gender is, it just doesn’t match there physical body. Thank you to those of you that acctually understand transgendered people and accept them for who they truly are, not what society tells them they are. As for the rest of you assholes you have no business posting about transgendered people, you have no knowledge on the subject at all, you are mis informed and your opinions are formed on lies that you believe to be fact. You have no business posting about and smashing down something you know nothing about. So for all of you bible thumping assholes out there saying Jesus said to everything and grouping transgendered people with the gays and lesbians and whatever and trying to just bash all of them to hell because there different from you why not try some compassion and try to understand them before you throw your strewn out bible bullshit over everything. Keep being yourself bobby don’t let people bring you down and keep rocking to you own beat!

    Ashley Buckingham
    15 year old transgender girl

  • Steve

    When I first read the story I thought “good ridance to the 3 losers/leaders who quit. After reading some of the hate filled garbage posted in the comments I wish those three women would have taken a lot of the haters here with them.

    Transgendered folks have a complex life made more so by ignorance on the part of other people. All the transgendered folks I know say that they were aware of the disconnect between gender feelings and birth sex. Since I haven’t ever experienced that I have to believe they know what they’re talking about. I was born gay, it pisses me off when some idiot trys to tell me about my feelings. Why the hell would any of you try to do the thinking for this kid and her parents…you aren’t there…you don’t know the situation.
    Yeah I think its a bummer that transgendered folks got stuck with LGB folks because its a whole different thing. But I guess we’re (LGB) the closest thing they’ve got for allies. I would hope that more LGB people would be understanding of the shit we’ve had to deal with and be kind enough to support Transgendered people. Kindness and understanding go a long way to making a more pleasant world for all of us.

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