Daniel Aleman, Who Nearly Killed Jack Price In Queens Gay Bashing, Will Serve 8 Years

Daniel Aleman (pictured), one of two men who attacked Queens resident Jack Price in a brutal gay bashing last October, and who plead guilty last month after being apprehended in Virgina, will serve eight years in prison for his “drunken” antics. “I’m very sorry for what I did,” the 27-year-old told his sentencing judge. “I was drunk and I was under the influence. I made a very big mistake.” Price, who was able to identify his attackers before falling into a coma, had said he “hope[d] [his attackers] rot in jail. I don’t understand how someone can do this to somebody. They almost killed another human being.” Looks like he’s getting his wish.

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  • John

    He should have gotten more than 8 years, but I suppose this will have to do. At least he has a violent felony record and will pay for this the rest of his life regardless. I hope the victim also sues both attackers so any wages they earn that are “on the books” will be garnished.

  • scott ny'er

    @John: Agreed. And isn’t it possible he’ll get out early on parole. But at least it’s something. The bastard.

  • Michelle

    Thug! We need to start educating people who migrating to this country and bring their kids here or who’s kids are first generation here that IN AMERICA, you don’t touch people, provoke them, or harm them based on your prejudices. He and his family came here from Dominican Republic, and his father claimed he was taught good values as a child, and doesn’t understand how this occured. Yeah, because you forget to brush up on your “diversity” course which extends past accepting people for being varrying types of ethnicities and spreads to accepting and tolerating folks who are gay. Can’t handle it? BUH-BYE…this country can do with one less ignorant, backward family.
    I lived in Canada and we experienced the same problem. The country welcomes itself on being open minded, yet also welcomes every single person from every single corner of the world and really doesn’t promote a sense of acculturation (which in Canada, our culture is supposed to be about being open minded, tolerating and accepting others) yet when you don’t pressure folks to adapt that, and keep the evil of their culture back in the old country…you get stories like this. TRUTH HURTS.


    @Michelle: Unfortunately a large number of those coming to this country have zero desire to jump into the melting pot which served this country so well for generations……….The first thing immigrants did once upon a time was make every attempt to learn the language……..Now there are immigrants who are here for years and still can not speak or read english…….Yet they somehow find the way to apply for every government handout they can get their hands on…..

    Once upon a time immigrants came to this country to take advantage of all the United States has to offer, now they simply come to take advantage………

  • mc2


    How come Amerikkka’s language isn’t the language of Native Americans(Navahos, Cherokees, etc.)? Hmmm…..

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